About Technology For Nature

TechnologyForNature.org is a great place for video projectors, screens, and other entertainment technology devices.

Mission: To rapidly scale up the global conservation response through innovations in technology for nature.

Advances in technology represent an opportunity to revolutionize the field of wildlife conservation. Confronting the unprecedented volumes of data generated by these technologies with advanced analytics will allow new insights into changes in the natural world. This is a unique partnership between the Zoological Society of London, University College London, and Microsoft Research leveraging these developments to rapidly scale up our global conservation response. Together these organizations bring together the best science, technological knowledge and engineering, and ability to deliver on the ground.

This unit is advancing technologies not only for monitoring and surveillance, but also the analytical methods for extracting and identifying critical conservation and management information. Through the combined development of novel hardware, software and field conservation projects, and the use of modern crowd-sourcing, we are trying to democratize these technologies for conservation use.

The project team meets regularly to develop existing projects and identify new technologies that will most rapidly result in greater conservation impact. Collaborations with organizations that would like to contribute are very welcome. For more information please contact us at [email protected]

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