How to clean a Projector inside lens?

How to clean a Projector inside lens?

If you use the projector and see the projected image is blurry, it is most likely because the lens on your projector is dusty. That means you need to clean the lens immediately to avoid the vision being dimmed and cloudy. In general, cleaning electronic devices is always essential.

So how to clean the projector lens without affecting its construction and quality. In this article, we’ll show you how to have a quick and efficient lens cleaning process. Please read the following step-by-step instructions carefully to keep your projector new and working at its best! In addition, please note that cleaning the projector needs to be done periodically and properly.

Cleaning Supplies to Have on Hand

To ensure that your cleaning process goes smoothly, you should first finish your cleaning kit. It contains the following items:

  • Cleaning sheets for lenses
  • Cloth made of microfiber
  • Paper towels
  • Solution for cleaning contact lenses
  • Air that has been compressed

To avoid using abrasion-causing chemicals is our small tip. Just use a lens cleaner designed for lens cleaning. The reason for this is that the abrasive chemical could harm the lens covering.

Guides to clean a projector inside the lens

Step 1: Get the projector ready to use by cleaning it and turning it on.

Before cleaning, switch off and disconnect the projector, especially if it’s in use. Allow time for it to cool. It takes at least thirty minutes to pass. Using it, the lens becomes extremely hot and is readily destroyed if chemicals are applied. As a result, wait a few moments before opening the projector to remove the lens. To open the projector, gently press the button or clasp. If you only want to clean the lens from the outside, you can skip this step. Alternatively, open the machine for thorough cleaning.

Step 2: Internal Cleaning of the Projector

Clean the innards of the projector with a blower and quick bursts of air. This will get rid of all of the dust. A nozzle may be used to reach a deep location, and a lens can clean it properly. Wipe the dust away with a microfiber cloth. To effectively clean the projector body, dampen it slightly. Examine the corner of the projector or lens with a flashlight to determine whether any dirt or dust has become embedded.

Step 3: Lens Cleansing

Finally, please take off the lens cap and wipe it clean with a dry towel. Then, take another hit of the lens cleaning agent and spread it out with a microfiber cloth. Make a circular motion with it. Take time for it to dry. The lens’ clear and crisp glass will be visible. Close the projector, cover it again, then turn it on to see the results after cleaning.

It is not recommended that you clean the lens with a t-shirt or an old cloth, as this may leave streaks that will harm the lens. Always remember to clean the lens in a circular motion with the fabric. Furthermore, avoid putting strain on the lens because it may be broken. 


What may be used to clean a projector lens?

Wash the projector’s lens regularly or whenever dust or smudges appear on the surface. Wipe the lens gently with lens-cleaning paper to remove dust or smudges. Gently wipe the lens with a soft, lint-free cloth dampened with lens cleaner to eliminate persistent streaks. Spraying liquid directly on the lens is not a good idea.

Is it possible to clean a projector lens with alcohol?

When cleaning the projector lens, avoid using alcohol. Applying the cleaning solution directly to the lens is never a good idea. Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth from a camera or photography store to apply the cleaning solution. You can also gently wash the lens surface with a good photography lens brush.

Is it necessary for me to clean my projector regularly?

It is recommended that you wash your screen every three months or whenever you spot dust on it. Once a year, a deeper cleaning is recommended, but it is rarely necessary.

Is it possible for a projector to overheat?

Using the projector in a hot room, for example, can lead it to overheat. There is no cooling when the fans draw in the air at the same temperature as the warm air ejected by the projector. The projector may overheat and shut down after a while.


In general, cleaning the projector is not too difficult nor too complicated as many people think. You always need to focus because it is an electronic device, so you need to be meticulous to avoid scratching the projector’s lens. Wish you always keep your projector new and deliver sharp projected images.

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