How To Hook Up Nintendo Switch To Projector?

How To Hook Up Nintendo Switch To Projector?

The Nintendo Switch is a game console from the eighth generation. Its hybrid nature between a home console and portable gameplay sets it distinct from the competition. With its well-sold purchases, getting one in the market was a challenging task until later. Thus, you might want an all-in-one gaming experience that includes both mobile gaming and big-screen gaming?

Had you been lucky enough to discover switches, you’d undoubtedly be searching for ways to connect a Nintendo switch to a projector. The portability and versatile connectivity make it an ideal projector companion. 

Every gamer’s fantasy is a Nintendo Switch combined with a projector. Many inexpensive large display projectors are available on the market, allowing you to have the ultimate immersive experience. Since you’re shopping for the most excellent projector for the Nintendo Switch, have a look at our comprehensive guide. Our article today will show you the directions to hook up Nintendo switches to the projector.

The Origins of the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo previously introduced the Wii-U, which was a colossal failure. Its reason was limited motion control, making it unsuitable for a wide range of games. Additionally, because the device had limited options and a high technical capability, it could not attract gamers. Thus Nintendo created the Nintendo Switch, which was so popular among the general public that it was impossible to obtain it without joining a long waiting list.

Serious as well as casual players will enjoy this dual-platform, home, and portable system. All of Nintendo’s original titles and games from third parties are available for the Switch. Breath Of The Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Dark Souls Remastered are just a few of the most well-known and popular third-party titles. The Switch’s value is increased as a result.

The region-free feature is another excellent feature that you won’t find on other platforms. Briefly put, regardless of where you got your console, you could browse all the games you’ve purchased from any location in the world and play them on it.

On a large display, such as a projector or monitor, the Switch provides a 1080p output. It produces stunning graphics at 720p resolution even when used as a tablet. It effortlessly connects to a projector and an HDTV. An HDMI port is all your projector needs. The transition from projector to portable mode is seamless so that you won’t lose your gaming progress. Your game will resume where you left it on the console in the projector.

Steps to hook up Nintendo switch to the projector

A 6.2-inch tablet, two joy-con controllers and grips, a TV dock, an HDMI cable, and a charger are all included with the Nintendo Switch. To connect your Switch to the projector, you’ll only need a TV dock and an HDMI cord.

The procedure is essential if your projector has an HDMI connector. However, things get tricky if you have an older projector that doesn’t have an HDMI connector but supports VGA for monitors and RCA for media devices. Both of these circumstances will be explained to you.

With HDMI port

  • Step 1: Remove the Nintendo Switch dock’s rear cover first because the docking station on the Switch lets you connect it to a projector, monitor, or television.
  • Step 2: Connect the USB plug from the Nintendo Switch AC adapter to the dock’s top terminal with an “AC ADAPTER” tag on one end. Connect the adapter’s opposite end to a socket after that.
  • Step 3: Connect one end of your HDMI cable to the dock’s bottom-most port, which is marked “HDMI OUT.” Connect the HDMI cable’s free end to the projector’s HDMI port.
  • Step 4: Close the Switch’s dock’s back cover and place your console in the port. The joy-con controllers are linked to the sides of the Nintendo Switch system. You must first register the controllers as wireless ones if they were not previously connected to your console. Then you must first remove them.
  • Step 5: When inserting your console into the dock, ensure that the LCD screen faces the dock’s front panel.

All you have to do now is turn on your projector or monitor, and your game will appear. When you transfer from the dock to the console and vice versa, the Nintendo Switch has an excellent function that saves your progress.

Without HDMI port

An HDMI port is not found on many projectors. This may be because the projector is an older LCD or LCoS model. A converter or adapter is required to connect your Nintendo Switch to a projector that lacks an HDMI connector. You’ll need an HDMI to component converter or adapter that’s compatible with your projector in this situation.

The remaining procedures are the same as with an HDMI-equipped projector. Just make sure you obtain an HDMI to A/V converter rather than the other way around.


Can I use a projector with a gaming system?

Any projector with an HDMI connector can connect the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation portable consoles. Joining a PlayStation to a projector can significantly enhance your gaming experience.

What’s the deal with Switch being so pricey?

Nintendo’s business model is the key reason why the Nintendo Switch has remained so pricey over time. The number of contributing factors is endless: manufacturing, hardware updates, distribution networks, franchise release strategy, etc.

Is the Switch equipped with Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is included on the Nintendo Switch. However, it is only used to connect controllers. Without purchasing a special adapter, you won’t be able to connect Bluetooth headphones or other devices to the Switch. When the Switch is docked or in handheld mode, these Bluetooth adapters can be utilized.

What makes the Nintendo Switch familiar?

The Switch boasts a more extensive digital library than the Wii U and Wii. This is one of the main advantages the Switch has over the Wii U and Wii. There are so many games to play on the Switch, including yours and mine. With titles like Super Mario and the Pokémon franchise, Nintendo has created a cast of iconic characters.


The Nintendo Switch is well-known for its popularity. The Nintendo Switch accommodates anyone, whether you want to host a family game night on a big screen or play it on the go. With its mobility and connectivity options, this hybrid offers a plethora of possibilities.

Connecting a Nintendo Switch to a projector is a breeze; all you need is an HDMI cable. All you have to do now is click the dock to your projector. The lack of an HDMI port adds to the confusion. However, all you need is an HDMI converter or adaptor to fix this problem and enjoy stunning pictures in full HD 1080p resolution.

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