How to make a projector screen with a sheet?

How to make a projector screen with a sheet?

Nowadays, the demand for watching movies and entertainment programs on television is increasing day by day. It is more fun to watch movies with a group or with many people in a shared space. However, not every living room is large enough to accommodate a large number of people. Thus, it’s essential that you now take a close look at our guide on how to make a projector screen out of the paper below. This will make it convenient and comfortable for everyone to enjoy and relax with their favorite shows.

Make a projector screen with a bedsheet

There are many ways as well as many tools for you to create yourself a dedicated projector screen. A basic white sheet, like the one shown above, is ideal. It also doesn’t have to be a bedsheet. Any piece of white, smooth fabric will suffice. The most challenging aspect of utilizing a sheet as a projector screen is correctly hanging it to eliminate wrinkles, folds, or movement. Thus, you need to consider every corner carefully so that there are no wrinkles on it.

Essentials for the best projector screen

A projector screen at home is a great thing to satisfy your passion for screens and favorite movies. However, for a smooth and high-quality widescreen display, consider the following requirements.

Make sure that the budget is always the first thing buyers focus on before buying something. Things you need to invest in for a home projector screen include a white bed sheet, hooks or screws, paint the projector panels, and shades. But by the time you’re reading this, your budget may already be able to meet the average projector cost.

Honestly, it will save you time and money compared to paying for expensive tickets to the cinema. In addition, the stressful epidemic situation will not prevent you from experiencing your favorite programs with your group on the same giant screen.

How to make a projector screen with sheets

Once you’ve prepared the above, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: You need to calculate the average sheet size of 5 x 6 feet to cut it to the extent that matches the width of your wall. Remember to leave a few inches on the sides to fold them to the final size.

Step 2: Next is sewing and attaching more eyelets to each side of the sheet.

Step 3: Prepare a PVC pipe of the required size and install it on the sheet. You need to fold the bottom on the PVC sheet and the edge of the sheet, take the tube out, sew one side, slide the line in, and close the borders. This PVC pipe is for hanging the sheet on the wall and to make it more smooth and flat.

Step 4: The final step is to hang the hook from the ceiling. You are instructed to use a hammer to hang the sheet on the wall.


  • If you don’t iron the sheets before hanging them on the wall, they will wrinkle and make a negative image
  • Use a bed sheet that is large enough to turn on the surface but not too small
  • It is advisable to use white bedding

In general, installing a projector screen yourself is pretty straightforward. Rest assured that it is portable, so you can put it on and take it down when you don’t need it.


What is the best material for a projector screen?

Outdoor projector screens can be made out of various materials, including paint or blackout cloths and outdoor fabric. Trapeze, spandex, and tarps are some of the more expensive possibilities. Lastly, there is still the inflated screen, and it is well due to its ease of use.

Is a projector screen that is black or white better?

The contrast of the image is noticeably improved. The most evident distinction is that a black screen reproduces the image’s darker areas better. Black sheets also reflect less light than white screens and work better in dimly lit spaces.

Is it possible to project onto a grey wall using a projector?

When ambient light is in the viewing area, a projector will work on grey or black walls. The higher the light output required from your projector, the more ambient light in the space. To maintain image brightness, you may need to enhance your wall’s reflectivity.

Is it possible to use a projector during the daytime?

You can use a high-lumen projector outdoors during the day if you have one. Though projectors can be used outside on a sunny day, provided the lumens are high enough, viewing your projector in direct sunlight is impossible.


To summarize, changing a projector at home is challenging if you are not confident in your DIY skills. If you want to make your projector screen at home, you might take a few different approaches.

We’ve got a project for everyone, whether you’re a whiz with a screwdriver or a little hesitant with paintbrushes. To create your projector screen at home, follow the instructions outlined above. You can watch movies, golf, or play games on your computer. It implies that you can create a small home theater.

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