Where to sell used projectors?

Where to sell used projectors?

Used projectors can be sold on used projector websites such as eBay or at your local store. You may sell it locally online. Just because you don’t want it or need it anymore doesn’t imply it’s useless to others. It is feasible to try selling it locally online to anyone willing to pick it up and transport it away.

Best places to sell used projectors

You only need to keep your eyes peeled for a good offer. eBay, Craigslist (use Craiglook.com), Videocon, AVS, and other home theater sites, as well as businesses that are clearing out previous year’s models, are all good places to look. Videocon or Craigslist are the best options. However, eBay is enforcing draconian restrictions against sellers, making it exceedingly simple for merchants to be taken advantage of, and they are charging more fees.

Here are a few hints:

  • When buyers come over, have it set up and ready to go for a demo.
  • When the buyers arrive, have it playing and warmed up (so it’s nice and bright).
  • If at all feasible, provide it with an HD signal.
  • Insist on cash in your ad for local pickup; have a counterfeit bill marking pen (available at most office supplies stores for around a dollar) on hand to verify for $20-50-100 authenticity.
  • If the buyer is a long distance away, insist on a USPS money order or wire transfer for immediate shipment; hold personal AND bank checks (they’re not what they used to be) for clearing until shipping.

What can you do with the projector in your home?

Get into the spirit

Nothing puts one in the Christmas mood like seeing a home decorated with outside lights and lovely wreaths. Whether it’s the winter holidays or another yearly occasion, projecting pictures onto your house can help lift your spirits. The video above is an excellent place to begin.

Do you prefer Halloween? Make a bloody scene with your projector that doesn’t require any cleaning. On Independence Day, experience a magnificent digital firework show in areas where actual fireworks are prohibited.

Don’t forget to connect your sound system to really appreciate the bangs!

Bring the ocean home

Having a pool party is a fantastic way to unwind with your friends and family this summer. The celebration, however, does not have to finish when the sun goes down. You can turn your pool into the ocean with a projector! Display pictures of tropical fish, coral reefs, and maybe even a dolphin or two. It’s a terrific way to conclude a fantastic day with soothing music from your portable speaker.

You could even install a projector over a hot tub to give a similar experience, whether indoors or outside. Just keep in mind that the fish aren’t real!

A musical light show

MusicBeam is single-player pen-source software that allows you to create a laser display for parties using your home projector. Because MusicBeam is triggered by sounds, you may fine-tune almost every aspect of the performance. Moonflower, Snowstorm, and more free MusicBeam concert downloads are available.

Because MusicBeam is Java-based, it is compatible with all major operating systems. You only need a laptop and a projector. The effects may be beautiful, so make sure you practice ahead of time before your next party!

Time for a story

Hundreds of storybooks are accessible for computers, mobile devices, and tablets. You can take storytime with your children to a whole new level with a projector.

You might, for example, project the narrative onto a bedroom wall while reading the action to your children. Teens might wish to do the same with digital graphic books. The tale may come to life using a digital projector displaying books from Kindle or Comixology.

Let zoom fill the room

Face recognition might be problematic while working from home and utilizing video conference software such as Zoom. Even with a high-resolution monitor and a quick internet connection, things might be difficult to understand.

One approach is to use a big screen to magnify the video conference. You can identify who is who by projecting the conference onto a screen or a wall.

Sleep better with a projector

Do you need assistance falling asleep? While laying in bed, mount your projector on the bedroom ceiling and show ocean waves or a lovely rain picture. Alternatively, position it near the foot of the bed, pointing up, so that it projects onto the ceiling.

Do you want to snuggle before going to bed? Make a romantic movie to watch with your significant other.

Gather in the kitchen

Families congregate in the kitchen for meals and chat. It is also an excellent location for using a projector.

Mount a projector aiming down at the kitchen bar in the morning, maybe presenting the morning news to complement breakfast. Age-appropriate content may be desirable if you have children.

Alternatively, project a movie onto your refrigerator door and cook along with some celebrity chefs. It does not stop there. Are you hesitant to enter the kitchen while watching your favorite team? The game will be projected onto the same refrigerator door.

Party Projector Games

Quiz and trivia groups, like book clubs, provide an opportunity for friends to get together and have a good time. Many of these games are now available digitally.

Instead of sitting around a laptop or iPad to play a game, it’s more exciting to utilize a projector. Create an outdoor competition and invite even more people to participate. You could also utilize the projector to play video snippets as your groups respond to questions.

An art project

Drawing on sidewalks or pavement with chalk is a popular summer activity for youngsters. With a projector, you can take this experience to the next level and even engage the adults. Project a black-and-white image onto a detachable surface, such as the side of a garage. To make an outstanding work of art, trace the lines of the picture with chalk.

Want something more lasting and an adult-only project? Trace a mural design on a wall in your home with a pen. Fill in the blanks with paint afterward.

Maximize homeschooling

A projector can help whether you home school as part of your family routine or because it is required. Instead of a whiteboard or chalkboard, use a projector to show project ideas, movies, and other media.

It is tough to do homeschooling properly; a flexible approach to communication is essential. While it may be beneficial to have your children use Scratch on a PC or iPad one day, a large screen projection of instructional programs may be beneficial the next.

So, instead of relying on the projector, consider adding it to your homeschooling arsenal.

Video games on a big screen

A games night is a fantastic idea, but why not connect the projector to your console for high-octane gaming? It only requires your gaming console to be connected to the HDMI port (or VGA if necessary for older consoles). Remember that a projector is really a display system, so you can connect any video device and enjoy output on the wall or screen.

Gaming using a projector is ideal for spectator video games and e-sports, but it may also be preferred as an immersive single-player gaming option.

Standard projectors are acceptable for gaming, but for the greatest results, choose one of the best gaming projectors on our list.


How much does a projector cost?

Projectors can range in price from around $50 to well over $5,000. Based on this large range, anything under $500 is usually considered a “budget” projector—and if you’re looking for a 4K projector, you should expect to pay more.

How many lumens does a projector require?

A lumen is a generic word that represents light output, but it is the unit of measurement used to quantify brightness in projectors. The more lumens the projector has, the brighter it will be and the more probable you will be able to utilize it in non-completely dark environments. If you’re wanting to project in a completely dark area, 1,000 lumens may suffice, but for locations with more ambient light, 3,200 lumens or more is recommended.

What is a projector’s throw ratio?

The throw distance is the amount of space required between the projector and the screen (or wall) to display a specific picture size. To project pictures of 80 inches or larger, standard or long-throw projectors require a minimum distance of 6 feet between the projector and the screen. Short-throw projectors, on the other hand, can display a 100-inch picture from as close as 4 or 5 feet away. Check the handbook for your individual projector for a chart that shows the distance necessary to display (or throw) an image onto a certain sized screen. This will aid in the projector setup procedure.


To summarize, any location that can provide you with appropriate product information is preferable. If you’re selling on eBay or Amazon’s used sector, it’s a good idea to offer your own impression of the goods to the buyer. How often did you use it and how much did you move it? Did it spend most of its time in a dusty, confined space? Little questions like those may inform your consumers a lot about the state of your property.

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