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To help you find a great floor-standing speaker system, we analyzed technical specs and user reviews for 20 different models. We then narrowed down the list to three top choices based on what we considered to be the most important factors to look for in a floor-standing speaker system. For starters, we wanted to make sure that each speaker had high-quality drivers and an efficient design. Next, we looked for speakers that were compact enough to fit into any room size, yet powerful enough to fill a large space. Lastly, we chose speakers that sounded good across multiple genres of music. Here’s how to choose the Best Ceiling Projector.

Image Product
ViewSonic PX747-4K Ceiling Mounted Projector BEST SELLING : ViewSonic PX747-4K Ceiling Mounted Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.7 Brand: ViewSonic Check Price
Optoma UHD50X Ceiling Mounted Projector BEST MOTION HANDLING: Optoma UHD50X Ceiling Mounted Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.6 Brand: Optoma Check Price
Optoma GT1080HDR Ceiling Mounted Projector BEST BRIGHTNESS: Optoma GT1080HDR Ceiling Mounted Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.3 Brand: Optoma Check Price
Epson Home Cinema 3700 Ceiling Mounted Projector BEST FULL HD: Epson Home Cinema 3700 Ceiling Mounted Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.1 Brand: Epson Check Price
ViewSonic PX700HD Ceiling Mounted Projector BEST COLORS: ViewSonic PX700HD Ceiling Mounted Projector
Editor's Rating: 8.8 Brand: ViewSonic Check Price
BenQ HT2550 Ceiling Mounted Projector BEST ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION: BenQ HT2550 Ceiling Mounted Projector
Editor's Rating: 8.6 Brand: BenQ Check Price

Best Ceiling Projector – Best Reviews Guide

Brief analysis

The ViewSonic Projection PX747-4k is a powerful and versatile ceiling-mount projection system. It offers a native resolution of 4K (3840x2160) along with HDR capabilities. It also includes ViewSonic's new "SuperColor" feature, which allows for a wider color gamut. With these improvements, the PX747-4ks delivers vibrant images and rich colors, so your viewers won't miss a thing!

These projectors also offer a longer-than-average lamp lifespan, with bulbs that can last up to 15,000 hours in Eco and SuperEco modes. You can expect a shorter lamp life when operating in brighter modes. The Viewsonic is also easy to install into your ceilings with all of the correct mounting hardware included. The Viewsonic includes an integrated 10-watt speaker, so you won’t need any additional speakers for a full surround sound experience. In addition, the Viewsonic supports both vertical and horizontal installation options, allowing you to position the screen where best suits your room decor.

Why do we choose it?

His best-of-class projection system offers amazing 4k video resolution, HDR content compatibility, and a bright display. It has extra-long bulb life and lots of connections so you can enjoy movies and games for as long as desired.

Some product details

  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: Supports most media players, gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices with input options such as HDMI1.4 with HDCP 1.4, HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, USB, and more

  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX: PX747-4K 4K UHD Projector, Power Cable, VGA Cable, and Remote Control

  • HDR CONTENT SUPPORT: With the ability to decode HDR video signals, this projector delivers incredibly detailed video playback

What we like
  • Smooth action with frame interpolation
  • Supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) 10 and Rec.
  • Wide 1.6x optical zoom
What we dislike
  • No keystone correction options
  • Not a great choice for gaming
Brief analysis

Whether you watch plenty of sporting events or play plenty of video games, the Sony XBR65X900A is an excellent choice for your home theater. First, you'll receive native 4K resolution with the Sony XBR65x900a, which really elevates the entertainment experience to the next step, every time. Additionally, it features support for either Dolby Vision or High Dynamic Range (HDR) content so you can enjoy vibrant color with deep black levels. Moreover, the Sony XBR 65X900A includes proprietary Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR) tech and a 1000:1 contrast ratio for deeper blacks and brighter whites. These features are all wonderful for producing a high-quality picture, however, the real performance of the Sony XBR65 X900A enters into play with input lag, response speed, and frame rates.

With a 16ms response time, the Optoma UHDF50X is one of our favorite projectors for playing video games. And with an impressive 120Hz refresh rate, it's also an excellent choice for enjoying movies. The motion handling here feels great, creating an extra-smooth screen, even during fast action sequences. The UHD50F has 3,400 ANS lumens of brightness, so you can even enjoy your game in well-lit rooms with no problems. Installation is easy with this Optoma and compatible mounting systems. It offers lots of adjustments so you can achieve the most precise image possible, including 40-degrees keystone correction, 1x optical zooming, and 5-15 percent vertical tilt. We also highly recommended the best 4K Projection TV featuring an amazing 1,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio, which ensures bright images and dark ones remain crisp and detailed.

Why do we choose it

With its 4K Ultra HD display, 16 ms of input lag, and 240 Hz refresh rates, this projector offers some of the best performance available today. It has a 3,400 ANSI lumens lamp and dynamic black contrast technology so you get rich color and contrast for an even better image overall.

Some product details

  • ULTRA-BRIGHT: Enjoy 3,400 lumens of brightness in your home theater room, family room, gaming room – or even outdoors for backyad movie nights

  • LAG-FREE GAMING: Introducing the world's first ultra-fast 240Hz gaming projector enabling blur-free visuals and unparalleled smoothness––combined with Enhanced Gaming Mode to produce a 16ms response time, or 26ms at 4K UHD for the lowest input lag on a 4K projector

  • FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION: Whether ceiling mounted or placed on a table, get the picture just right with 1.3X zoom, 5-15% vertical lens shift and ±40° keystone correction

What we like
  • Dynamic Black contrast for rich colors
  • Smooth 240Hz refresh rate
  • For fast games, low input lag.
What we dislike
  • External speakers aren't very loud.
  • It may be time for an upgrade.
Brief analysis

The Optoma GT 1080 HDR Projection TV is one of the brightest LED TVs we've ever tested, delivering an incredible 3,800 Lumens of brightness. With such a powerful light source, you'll enjoy watching movies and shows in any setting—from dark theaters to brightly lit living rooms. And thanks to the built-in digital processor, you won't experience annoying lag during fast action sequences. In addition, the Optoma GT 1080 HDR offers great sound through Dolby Atmos technology. You'll hear every subtle detail of the movie soundtrack, whether you're listening through headphones or speakers. Finally, the GT 1080 HDR comes equipped with HDMI 2.0, allowing you to connect multiple devices simultaneously. So if you want to watch Netflix, stream music, or play games, you can do it all without having to worry about compatibility issues.

Installation is also made far easier with a max of 40-degree vertical keystone correction and a 1.3x optical lens. These help you obtain the most accurate image possible, which is vital for ceilings. When it comes to image quality, there’s a lot to appreciate with the Optima GT1080HDR. It creates a 1080p resolution, which can be crisp enough for most purposes. It also includes a 6-segment RYGCWB color filter wheel that produces amazing colors on the Rec.709 color space. We were also really pleased with the projector's 60Hz refresh rate for smoother motion pictures and video games. Additionally, it provides a low input lag for gamers who want to play fast-paced titles without any delay. Gamers will also enjoy the best projection system for playing games that delivers an astounding 500,000:1 contrast ratio for better distinction between light and dark areas.

Why do we choose it?

For anyone who wants to mount their projectors on the ceiling of a brightly lit room, this is an excellent choice. It has 3,800 ANSI Lumen of Brightness, plus tons of adjustability settings and a short throw configuration for easier installation.

Some product details

  • Fast response time: enhanced gaming mode enables Lightning-fast response time of 8. 4ms with a 120Hz refresh rate

  • HDR COMPATIBLE: HDR10 technology (with 4K input) enable brighter whites and deeper black levels; a 6-segment color wheel (RYGCWB) produces accurate color with sRGB & REC. 709 color profile

  • Short throw lens: experience a large 120" Image projected from 4 feet away, allowing placement closer to the screen – ideal for smaller spaces and easier installation

What we like
  • Wide keystone correction options
  • A short throw projector allows you to install the projector closer to the screen than
  • Fast response time for gaming
What we dislike
  • Integrated speakers could be improved
  • Display blurs a little on the corners
Brief analysis

The Epson Home Theater Projection 3700 is a 3LCD projection system that produces sharp images and vibrant colors. With a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, it can produce vivid pictures with deep blacks and brilliant whites. You'll enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows with this projector because of its 1080p native resolution. Its built-in speakers make it easy to watch videos and listen to music, too.

These Epson projectors also include a proprietary technology called Epson Image Enhancement, which digitally creates a crisper, more detailed image. While this isn‘t UHD resolutions, it improves upon the native 1080p resolutions the projectors already provide. The overall design quality of the 3700 is to be praised as well. It‘s designed to last and even comes with dual 10w speaker systems that can deliver a lot of audio power if you don‘t have an external sound system hooked up. Plus, the Epson Home Cinema 3700 features a bulb that produces 3,000 ANSI Lumen of light and 3D compatibility.

Why do we choose it?

With its ceiling-mount design, this projector offers good overall picture quality with full HD resolution, 3000-lumen lamps, and low input lag; it features 3D compatibility and high-quality built-in speakers for a complete projection system.

Some product details

  • Full HD 1080p, widescreen 3D performance — for movies, games and more, up to 300".

  • Project a 110" image from just 10.5' away - Plus or minus 60 vertical and Plus or minus 24 horizontal lens shift plus 1.6x zoom allow for flexible positioning and easy setup.

  • Epson Image Enhancement Technology - features Super-resolution with Detail Enhancement to sharpen and refine images for lifelike smoothness and clarity.

What we like
  • Clarity is important when editing images.
  • Compatible with 3D content
  • Dual 10W speakers to get better sound quality
What we dislike
  • Black levels could be better.
  • Fan gets loud when running at high speed
Brief analysis

If you're a fan of bright, colorful, and accurate colors on a ceiling-mounted projection system, then the ViewSonic PX700HD is your best bet. With this 1080p LED display, you'll enjoy vivid images thanks to its proprietary SuperColors technology. This means that your image will stay crisp and clear no matter what scene you're watching. In addition, the PX700HD offers an impressive 12,000:1 Dynamic Range Ratio (DCR) so you can watch movies without worrying about blown highlights or washed-out shadows. And if you'd rather not deal with cables, the PX700HD comes with both VGA and HDMI inputs so you can connect any device you wish.

The ViewSonic PX700HD is one of the best gaming monitors out there today. With a 1920 x 1080 resolution, 144 Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and 10-bit color support, this monitor deliver crisp visuals and fast frame rates. In addition, the PX700HD comes equipped with dual speakers and Dolby Audio Premium technology for immersive sound effects and crystal-clear dialogue. Connectivity options include two DisplayPort inputs, a DVI input, and three HDMI inputs. Overall, the PX700HD is a great choice for gamers who want high-quality images and smooth gameplay.

Why do we choose it?

With its Full HD resolution, superb color representation, and high contrast ratio, you can be sure to get the best image quality when using this projection system. It can even project images up to 300 inches in length for large group presentations.

Some product details

  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX: PX700HD 1080p Projector, Power Cable, and Remote Control

  • CINEMATIC COLORS: Exclusive SuperColor technology offers a wide color gamut for beautiful image production in nearly any environment

  • REDUCED INPUT LATENCY: Ideal for intense action-packed gaming, this projector delivers smooth images without delay

What we like
  • Makes displays up to 300 inches wide.
  • Incredible color reproduction with SuperColor tech
  • Solid black performance with 12,000:1 contrast ratio
What we dislike
  • Remote controls with confusing button layouts
  • User interface is a little awkward
Brief analysis

The BenQ HT2550 is the best 4K wall-mountable overhead projection system because of its UHD Native Resolutions, of course, but mostly because of its DMD Digital Light Processing (DLP) display tech. This enhances each of 8.3 million pixels, producing an even more detailed image. Plus, the 6-Segmented RGBRGB Wheel offers exceptional accuracy in movie and game images. And, the Cinema Colour feature allows you to reproduce incredible colors in your presentations. With Auto HDR, you can easily adjust color levels according to the video input – so whether you’re watching a Blu-ray disc, streaming Netflix, or playing a DVD, the screen will adapt to suit.

This BenQ projector also features a high-grade design, with a lightweight and compact body that‘s easy to carry with you. This is very important if you’ll be carrying the projection system to another room or a friend's home for a viewing party. In addition, we were impressed with the simplicity of setup on the HT2550. With auto vertical keystoning and a simple picture inverter, you can easily install this unit on the ceiling with no hassle. Also, it has 1x optical zoom for extra picture adjustability. You'll also receive 3D compatibility here, however, be aware that you'll have to manually turn on this function whenever you insert a 3D movie.

Why do we choose it?

It has an extremely bright image, which makes it perfect for presentations and movies. Also, its small size means you can easily carry it anywhere. And thanks to its 3D capability, it’s ideal for watching 3D content.

Some product details

  • All units purchased after 3/16/2018 include Firmware Update 1.0.3

  • Smallest & lightest 4K HDR Projector: light, sleek, compact design with Auto vertical Keystone and 1.2x zoom make installation quick and easy

  • Projector-optimized HDR: supercharged by HDR10 support with BenQ exclusive Auto HDR color rendition and cinema-optimized technology

What we like
  • Automatic vertical keystone correction
  • Auto HDR creates the most accurate colors
  • Lightweight and compact
What we dislike
  • Need to manually turn on 3D
  • Brightness levels could definitely be improved.

How to choose a projector

Ease of Installation

To get started, you’ll need to choose a suitable location for your new projection screen. For example, if you’re planning to hang a large screen above a couch, you might opt for a fixed height, such as 36″ (91cm). However, if you’d rather place the screen closer to eye level, you may go with a portable screen that adjusts between 16″ (41cm) and 24″ (61cm). Next, you’ll need to decide what kind of material you want your screen made of. A good-quality screen will provide excellent clarity and color reproduction, especially if you plan to watch movies or play video games on it. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that the screen provides sufficient brightness. Finally, you’ll need to select a size based on the space where you intend to place the screen. While larger screens are certainly easier to see, they require more room. On the flip side, smaller screens are often better suited for viewing close-up images.

Picture Quality

Resolution: This specification refers to how clear and sharp the projected image will be on your projection screen. Ultra-high definition (UHD) or 4k resolution is the highest you can expect from any current generation of projectable screens, but there are also some excellent projectable screens available at lower resolutions, including Full HD and even 1080p.

Projector quality: This specification refers to how accurately the projector reproduces colors. A high-quality projector will look better in both bright and dim environments.

Contrast Ratio: This specification describes how well your TV performs when viewing white objects against black backgrounds. The higher the rating, the better your image quality will be in dark and light scenes.


In order to make sure that your screen looks great, you should check the specs of your TV before buying it. Most modern TVs have a native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (commonly referred to as 1080p). However, they also come with various options such as Full HD or 4K Ultra HD resolutions. You may also find yourself able to change the aspect ratio of your display to 16:9 or even 4:3.


How do you mount a projector to a ceiling?

To install a projection screen, you’ll first need a mounting system. Choose one that fits your needs; some mounts are designed specifically for large screens, while others are meant for smaller ones. Some mounts include brackets that attach directly to the wall, while others require screws or bolts that must be drilled into studs. Once you’ve chosen a mounting method, check out our guide on installing a projection screen. If you’re having trouble finding a suitable projection screen, try browsing eBay. You might find something you like at a great price.

How far should my projector hang down from the ceiling?

The distance you need to set between your camera and the top of your monitor depends on what type of mounting system you’re using. For example, if you’re using a VESA mount, then you’ll need to make sure that your monitor is mounted about 10 inches below the top of your projector. If you’re using an HDMI cable, then you’ll need roughly 5 feet between your projector and your monitor.

Are projector ceiling mounts universal?

Not all projectors have universal mounts, but most of them do. Typically, the non–universal mounts are those made by the manufacturer for use with its own products.

Can all projectors be ceiling mounted?

Most projector models in the current marketplace can be hung from the wall. However, not all projector models can be hung from the walls. Some projector models may require additional accessories to hang them from the wall.

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