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To help you find an iPhone projection system that works great for you, we researched a wide variety of the top factors you should take into consideration during your purchasing process. We found that seamless iPhone connectivity was important, whether it’d be via a direct wired connection or through wireless connections such as Bluetooth. You should also check out how bright and clear the projected image would be for your specific needs. And finally, you should choose a control panel that allows you to operate the device with one easy touch. Here’s how to buy Best Mini Projector For Iphone .

Quick Comparison

Image Product
QXK Mini iPhone Projector TOP PICK: QXK Mini iPhone Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.8 Brand: QXK Check Price
TopVision Mini iPhone Projector HONORABLE MENTION: TopVision Mini iPhone Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.6 Brand: TOPVISION Check Price
GooDee W18 WiFi Projector BEST ON A BUDGET: GooDee W18 WiFi Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.3 Brand: GooDee Check Price
Elephas W13 iPhone Projector BEST LARGE DISPLAY: Elephas W13 iPhone Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.2 Brand: ELEPHAS Check Price
Aaxa P300 iPhone Projector BEST QUALITY: Aaxa P300 iPhone Projector
Editor's Rating: 9 Brand: AAXA Technologies Check Price
Meer Pico iPhone Projector BEST FOR KIDS: Meer Pico iPhone Projector
Editor's Rating: 8.8 Brand: Meer Check Price
Anker Nebula Capsule iPhone Projector BEST FOR STREAMING: Anker Nebula Capsule iPhone Projector
Editor's Rating: 8.5 Brand: NEBULA Check Price
Kodak Pocket iPhone Projector BEST COMPACT DESIGN: Kodak Pocket iPhone Projector
Editor's Rating: 8.3 Brand: KODAK Check Price

Best Mini Projector For iPhone 2022

QXK Mini iPhone Projector

TOP PICK: QXK Mini iPhone Projector

Editor's Rating: 9.8 Brand: QXK Check Price ❯
Brief analysis

The QXK Mini Projector is an ultra-portable and portable projector designed specifically for Apple iPhones. With dimensions of 9.4 x 9 x 4.3 inches (240 mm x 240 mm x 110 mm), it is large enough to fit comfortably into any room, yet small enough to take along wherever you go. Its compact size allows you to bring it almost anywhere without having to worry about carrying it around. Also, thanks to its rugged construction, you can place it anywhere and still get good results. The lamp life is rated at 50,000 hrs., so you won’t have to replace it often.

This projectors offer a really great image quality, mostly due to its 600p resolution and 2000:1 dynamic contrasts ratio. This make it a great projectors for artists to use. But, it really shines (Literally) because of its incredible brightnes ratings, at 5,500 Lumens. This make the QXK an awesome choice for both dark and light room. Plus, the projectors offer really accurate colors that make every show and movies really pop. When it come to connecting your iPhone, just need a lightning to HDMI cable and everything is seamless. You can also add additional media device via the projectors SD card slot and Vga ports. Compare this to the top short throw projectors that offer a sheer number of advanced features and functions.

Why do we choose it

It comes with a tripod and remote control and its fans are extremely quiet so your movie‘s sound won’t get lost halfway through the film.

What we like
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Super bright, 5,500 lumens
  • 50,000 hours = 1 year
What we dislike
  • Not Bluetooth compatible
  • Internal speakers need some work
Brief analysis

The TopVision Mini is designed to work seamlessly with any iPhone device. No additional cables or adapters are needed. Simply plug the top into your iPhone’s Lightning port and the bottom into one of the two USB ports located on the backside of the unit. Add a memory card to expand storage capacity or add another USB thumb drive to transfer files between the phone and the projector. With the built-in speaker, you can easily watch movies or listen to music through the large screen without disturbing others nearby.

When it concerns video quality, the TopVision Mini Projector offers a solid 1080p resolution, along with a very high 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. It even includes 2,200 lumens brightness. With all of those video quality features combined, you receive a bright and crisp screen that’ll keep your videos sharp and clear. The TopVision is likewise extremely adjustable with its built-in focusing and keystone adjustment knobs. This means you can create a precise screen without any trouble whatsoever. In addition, we highly recommend the top 4K projector that provides an amazing 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, which ensures vibrant images and dark scenes remain detailed.

Why do we choose it?

With its sleek design and fast charging capabilities, this high-performance projecto­rer allows for an easy and seamless use of Apple devices. It also produces a clear, bright picture with a 3,000-to-one contrast ratio and vibrant colors.

Some product details

  • 【Fast Connection Via WiFi or USB cable】This mini projector compatible with Android, iPhone, TV stick, and PS3, PS4, and other audio and video equipment. Just one-time WiFi connection you can easily achieve the screen mirroring, no need to connect HDMI cable, you can get a good viewing experience!

  • 【 Design for More Professional】200" movie projector support 1080P, Full HD resolution ensures clear color and image processing. You will also get the best viewing angle and viewing size by correcting the keystone and adjusting the focus. The outdoor projector is small enough to fit easily into a backpack, and you can start your outdoor journey!

  • 【HiFi Stereo Speakers & Upgraded Cooling System】 This portable projector has 3W HiFi stereo speakers, which you can get a superior sound experience. The video projector adopts temperature control technology, it minimize the power consumption and extend the lamp life up to at 80,000 hours.

What we like
  • Focus and keystone correction settings
  • Does not require an HDMI cable for iPhone connectivity
What we dislike
  • Cannot adjust vertical tilt
  • The internal settings menu is too complicated for most people.
Brief analysis

The GooDee P18 is the best budget projection system for iPhone users, delivering a bright, high-quality image without requiring an expensive investment. Unfortunately, you'll find yourself having to make compromises if you're hoping to spend under $300. You'll only be able to connect the device to the unit via micro-USB cable, so you'll have no HDMI port to hook up any external devices. You'll also lose out on the ability to scale the screen size up beyond 200 inches. But these aren't dealbreakers; just know what you're getting into before you buy.

Where the GooDoo really shines, though, is in its overall construction quality. Its compact design is more durable than other alternatives and holds up well when taken out of bags or pockets. When compared to other projectors, the GooDoo boasts larger, easier-to-use buttons, a streamlined focus mechanism, and a built-in speaker that delivers decent sound for personal use. For those who want a little more volume, the GooDoo features an audio output jack to hook up to external speakers. We found the GooDoo’s advanced heat management technology to be impressive, keeping the unit cool without producing any annoying noises. However, we did notice that the GooDoo got warm after extended usage

Why do we choose it?

If you're looking for an affordable way to watch movies at night, check out this small projector. It has large buttons and easy volume controls.

Some product details

  • 【WiFi Wireless Connection & Wired Connection】GooDee 2021 update WiFi projector compatible with the iOS/Android/Chromecast /Windows 10 system. Once-time WiFi wireless or wired (use an original USB data cable) link to your devices. Don't spend any extra money.

  • 【Lower Noise & Built-in Speakers】GooDee smart projectors are equipped with an innovative cooling system with heat dispersion, as well as a noise suppression technology that cuts fan sound in half. Built-in speakers offer excellent loud sound quality, you can also link to an external speaker to meet your higher sound expectations. 50000 hrs lamp lifetimes, you can use it for more than 10 years!

  • 【Full HD 1080P Supported & IMAX Projection】W18 mini video projector supported resolution:1920*1080, Aspect Ratio: 16:9/4:3, unique light reflection technology, can reduce 51% of the direct light damage compared with TV and get the maximum protection of the eyes. Adjust projector distance to get 200" huge projection size with 14.5ft, bring an excellent spectating experience like an IMAX! [100" Projector Screen Included]

What we like
  • User-friendly buttons and adjustments
  • Easy installation
  • Quiet operation with an advanced cooling system
What we dislike
  • Not as durable as larger projectors
Brief analysis

The Elephas W13 is the best smartphone projection system to make large screens for group-watching events. With the ability to project images from your phone up to the 200-inch screen, this mini projection device is incredibly versatile. It includes a tripod so you can position it virtually anywhere without any problems. Unfortunately, the supplied AC adapter is not long enough to provide sufficient current to operate the device, so you may require to use an external battery pack. Also, the Elephas' ability to wirelessly connect to your iPhone via WiFi makes it a perfect choice for those who wish to watch movies or play games on big TV screens.

The W13 WiFi projection system delivers excellent performance across the board. The 1080p screen size is the average among current iPhone projectors, but with a 4,000:1 contrast ratio and 20-watt speaker output, the Elephas provides a high-end viewing experience. In addition to these impressive specs, the included wireless remote control allows you to navigate through your media library without having to touch your phone. For those who watch movies together, this is definitely one of the best options out there. However, if you plan on sharing your device with others, we suggest purchasing a separate Bluetooth speaker instead. That way, everyone can enjoy the same movie without any interference.

Why do we choose it?

With its ability to create large displays, this mini projector is perfect for parties or other large events where you want a large image. It has excellent color accuracy thanks to the 24-bit True Color Support and solid 480p resolution and projects images up to 200" corner to corner.

Some product details

  • "ultimate visual experience: excellent performance of the mini hd movie projector based on the powerful parameters: full hd 1080p input and 24-bit true-color support, 4600 lux, and 200" screen. brilliant big-screen visual experience accessible."

  • wired connection: no wifi environment? elephas phone projector has thought about it, no expensive adapter needed, you can connect projector to your iphone with a original cable line easily.

  • wireless support: elephas w13 video projector designed with the latest wifi connection which compatible with the android/iphone/windows 10. synchronize the smartphone screen just need once-time wifi connection.

What we like
  • Easy wired and wireless connections
  • Excellent 3,500:1 contrast ratio
  • 24-bit true-color support
What we dislike
  • Short power cord
  • Group watching requires speakers that are louder than normal.
Aaxa P300 iPhone Projector

BEST QUALITY: Aaxa P300 iPhone Projector

Editor's Rating: 9 Brand: AAXA Technologies Check Price ❯
Brief analysis

The Aaxa P300 pico projectors for iPhones offer the best when it comes in terms of high-quality build and style. The Axa feels comfortable in your hands and gives off a feeling of dependability that comes into play when you take the unit along with you on the go, so you won't have to worry about that either. We were amazed by how sturdy the video projection system was despite its small stature. It also included a stand in your purchase, which added even more stability when used. The only downside we encountered with this option was the shorter lamp life, which is rated for 20,000 hrs, but in reality, ended up being much less on higher brightness settings.

Don’t be fooled by the small size of the P300’s ultra-compact design. With an impressive image projection area of up to 120 inches, this powerful mini portable projector delivers high-definition video and crystal-clear digital photos. Its 2,000:1 contrast ratios make it easy to view dark scenes without sacrificing details, and its DLP (digital light processing) technology ensures bright, sharp pictures every single day. Plus, with a built-in rechargeable battery, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice during extended viewing sessions.

Why do we choose it?

Ultra-compact and durable, this LED pixo projector features a powerful built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for long hours of projection time. It has an ultra-bright lens and comes with a handy stand so you can project videos from your smartphone or tablet at any angle.

Some product details

  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p

  • High brightness in its class - 500 lumens optical engine with vibrant color technology. 20, 000 hours Premium LEDs ensure there is no need for lamp replacement

  • Ultra-portable size, battery included - at just 5.9" X 3.9" X 1.6" In size and weighs only .97 lbs with a 60 min rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

What we like
  • Full 1080p display
  • DLP imagine technology creates crisp images
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery
What we dislike
  • A cooling fan is somewhat loud.
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery
Brief analysis

The Meer PICO is an incredible little device that projects images from any smartphone onto the wall or into the air. With a simple push of a button, you can change between various modes, including "wall mode" where the image appears on the wall; "air mode", where the image floats above the room; and "ceilings mode", where the image is projected onto the ceilings. In addition, the Meer PICO comes equipped with a built-in speaker so you can listen to music while projecting. And if you're worried about dropping the phone during projection, worry no longer! The Meer PICO includes a protective case that not only protects the screen of the phone but also adds extra grip to help prevent accidental falls.

For those who love movies, there is no doubt that they can enjoy watching them on any device. However, if you want to watch movies on big screens, then you will definitely need a high-definition television (HDTV). This is because HDTVs offer much higher resolutions than regular TVs do. So, if you plan to buy an HDTV, then you will not only get a great viewing experience, but you will also save money.

Why do we choose it?

With its durable construction, easy-to-use interface, and versatile display settings, this portable video projector makes an excellent choice for children. Its portability allows it to be used anywhere, including at home, school, and on the go.

Some product details

  • POWERED BY A POWER BANK: The projector does not have its own battery, it needs a 5V/2A power source such as a wall charger or power bank. Great for travel, hiking and camping where there’s no electricity or TV. Also popular with children.

  • SMALL & PORTABLE: This pocket size projector is only 11.9cmx8.6cmx4.8cm (0.29kg), not much bigger than your smart phone. Thanks for its mini portability,you can take it anywhere and anytime.Whether you are watching movies, playing games, or enjoy sports livestreaming, outdoor camping or party with friends, this is your great private theater.

  • PERFORMANCE: 400 Lumens; Support resolution:1080P; Aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9; Projection distance: 1-3m; Projection size up to 60 inches. Built-in speaker provides authentic soundtrack makes it a wonderful sound enjoyment.

What we like
  • Can be projected onto a wall
  • They're clearly marked and easy to press.
  • Compatible with power banks
What we dislike
  • No wireless connection
  • Integrated speakers aren’t great
Brief analysis

The Anker Nebula capsule is one of the coolest portable projectors you can get right now. It looks just like a can of coke and is also the exact same dimensions, so it fits perfectly into any bag or pocket. This is an all-in-one system that connects to your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to watch movies, play games, and do pretty much everything else you would normally do on your phone. You can even download apps directly onto the unit itself, so you won’t have to worry about carrying around extra cables or adapters.

Like other small projectors, the Capsule sacrifices some image quality and light output to make it portable. However, the Capsul does make up for this loss with some clever hardware enhancements. First off, it comes equipped with proprietary IntelliBright technology that produces brighter and more colorful images then the 100-lumen bulb alone would produce. The 480p resolution also helps keep things simple, although there is some slight oversaturation. What really sets the Anker Nebula apart, however, is the 360-degrees speakers built right into the unit. They provide an immersive audio environment without requiring external speakers, although you do get two 3.5mm jacks for connecting your own.

Some product details

  • Remarkable Clarity and Contrast: DLP's advanced IntelliBright algorithms deliver a remarkably bright 100 ANSI-lumen image. (Recommended for use in dimmer environments.)

  • Home Entertainment: Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and more up to 100 inches big anywhere in your home thanks to Capsule’s soda can-sized design.

  • Android 7.1: Run streaming and media apps flawlessly. Seamlessly display content from Netflix, Youtube, and more on your mini projector for endless entertainment.

What we like
  • Immersive Omni-directional sound
  • Advanced Optical Engine boosts brightness
  • IntelliBright software increases the brightness
What we dislike
  • Some color saturation
  • No lens protection
Brief analysis

The Kodak Pocket Projector is a pocket-sized device that features a high-resolution digital camera lens and a built-in rechargeable battery. With a maximum output of 250 lumens, the Kodak Pocket Projector delivers bright images that can be viewed clearly from a distance. Its advanced optics allow users to enjoy clear images under any lighting conditions. In addition, the Kodak Pocket comes equipped with a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees and a focus range of 4 feet. For those who love watching movies outdoors, the Kodak Pocket also offers a convenient connection port for external devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Kodak’ s design is also something to praise. We've already talked about the benefits of its compact size, but it also offers sleek control buttons that are super easy to use. Above the projector, you'll find the usual array of video control buttons, including a manual control wheel for focusing and a physical button for powering on/off. Plus you won't have to bother with any complicated menu screens. Just plug in your phone and start watching movies. And if you're into gaming, you'll appreciate the best 3D projector out there that includes both sports and game mode options for smoother, jitter-free images.

Why do we choose it?

If you want a portable projector that you can use anywhere, check out this compact device. It has a built-in optical engine and comes with an intuitive remote control so you can easily operate it from any distance.

Some product details

  • GAMING GRADE COLOR – Capable of Displaying 16.7 Million Colors; Enjoy Rich, Lifelike Detail for Your Favorite Video Games, Movies, Photo Slideshows & More

  • PLUG. PROJECT. PLAY. – No Complicated Buttons or Menu Screens; Just Connect to Your Favorite PC or Mac, Cable Box, Gaming Console or HDMI Video Player

  • CONTEMPORARY COMPATIBILITY – Onboard Media Player Includes Room-Filling Built-in Speakers, 3.5mm Input & Integrated HDMI, USB and MicroSD Hookup. HDMI Connect to Android, Tablets and devices (Please check with your device's manufacture if the device is HDMI compatible)

What we like
  • Advanced Optical Engine boosts light output
  • Streamlined, user-friendly interface
  • Amazingly rich, accurate colors
What we dislike
  • Lower, 360p resolution
  • Tinny onboard speaker

Some of the most important features to consider when choosing


A portable projector is one of those things that you should definitely consider buying if you’re planning on traveling around with your phone. They’re easy to carry around and they make it possible to watch movies anywhere without having to set up a big screen. However, there are also downsides to purchasing a portable projector. First off, these devices aren’t very bright, so you’ll probably need to bring along additional lighting. Also, they tend to be fairly expensive, especially compared to traditional home theater systems.


When considering how your projector connects to an iPhone, it is important to know what type of connection is needed. Most projectors require a direct connection, meaning they connect directly to the iPhone. Some projectors allow for wireless connections via Apple Airplay. These projectors are typically easier to set up and use because they do not require a direct connection.


A smartphone’s brightness is measured in ANSI lumens. The higher number, the brighter the phone. For the most part, you won’t need a huge amount of power for smartphones, especially since they’re designed to be operated in small rooms. However, if you plan on projecting onto a large wall, get one with more than 1000 lumens.


Projectors aren’t generally known for their high resolutions, but they do play a role in the quality of the image you see while watching movies or playing games. You should purchase one with at least a 1080p native screen size, but premium models come with higher resolutions such as 1920×1200. Higher resolutions mean sharper images, so you can watch movies and play games without having to squint. A larger screen size means you won’t have to zoom into smaller sections of the display, either.


Is there a projector that works with the iPhone?

There are lots of projector models that are compatible with iPhones; we’ve done extensive research into them and ranked them here.

Which portable projector is best?

A good portable projector has a compact design, high native image quality, and enough brightness to project from a distance. It may be worth looking at an iPhone projector case if portability is important.

Which is the best projector for home use?

Depending on your personal requirements, you may want to consider buying either a large-screen TV or a small-screen TV.

Is it better to get a projector or TV?

Projectors and TV screens each have advantages and disadvantages. Projectors can project larger images onto a wall or ceiling, and they’re generally cheaper than televisions. However, projectors require an external power source, so if you plan on taking them outside, you’ll need to bring along an AC adapter. Also, because projectors rely on light bulbs to create illumination, they may not work properly during daylight hours. Finally, projectors also require a separate device to convert video signals into digital data. For these reasons, we recommend using a traditional TV instead of a projector.

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