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A good projector screen can make a big improvement to the picture quality of your television set. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching it from a wall or hanging it up, because the quality will be so much better than anything else you’ve seen before. You need to look at the size of your room, but there are lots of different sizes available, and not just the largest ones either.

Most people prefer the Elite Screens 135-inch eZiFrame for its quality and price. If you want something cheaper, consider the Silver Ticket 100-inch eZiFrame

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Quick Comparison

Image Product
Elite Screens 135-Inch ezFrame Best Overall: Elite Screens 135-Inch ezFrame
Editor's Rating: 9.7 Brand: Elite Screens Check Price
Silver Ticket STR-169100 100-Inch Screen Best Budget: Silver Ticket STR-169100 100-Inch Screen
Editor's Rating: 9.4 Brand: Silver Ticket Products Check Price
Elite Screens Sable Frame B2 92-Inch Best for Small Rooms: Elite Screens Sable Frame B2 92-Inch
Editor's Rating: 9.3 Brand: Elite Screens Check Price
Elite Screens 180-Inch Best for Large Rooms: Elite Screens 180-Inch
Editor's Rating: 9 Brand: Elite Screens Check Price
 Elite Screens POP84H Pop-Up Cinema Portable Spring-Framed Projection Screen Best Portable Projector Screen: Elite Screens POP84H Pop-Up Cinema Portable Spring-Framed Projection Screen
Editor's Rating: 8.7 Brand: Elite Screens Check Price
SUNCOO 15ft Inflatable Movie Screen Best Outdoors: SUNCOO 15ft Inflatable Movie Screen
Editor's Rating: 8.5 Brand: SUNCOO Check Price
Vivo 100-Inch Best Motorized: Vivo 100-Inch
Editor's Rating: 8.2 Brand: VIVO Check Price
 Vamvo Outdoor/Indoor Projector Screen with Stand Best all-rounder: Vamvo Outdoor/Indoor Projector Screen with Stand
Editor's Rating: 7.9 Brand: Vamvo Check Price

Best Projector Screen for 2022

Elite Screens 135-Inch ezFrame

Best Overall: Elite Screens 135-Inch ezFrame

Editor's Rating: 9.7 Brand: Elite Screens Check Price ❯
Brief analysis

In recent times, we've seen a lot of great displays come out that can easily fit into any home environment. These include large screens such as those found on TVs and computer monitors. However, these devices often require a wall outlet for power. That's why we're excited about new technology that allows us to connect our laptops directly to a TV through HDMI cables. You no longer need to worry about running wires across your living room floor. With the right equipment, you'll be able to enjoy high-definition video streaming on your big-screen TV without having to make any major changes.

Of course, a movie is not just about visuals; it includes sounds too. And the ezFrames deliver when it comes to both. The ezFrames feature a transparent film, which lets more light into the room so there’s less glare, and they include speakers built right into them, so you get better quality than if you were using headphones.

We don't really know why anyone would choose this projector over the Silver Ticket. But if you want a good projector, then this isn't bad at all

Some product details

  • The CineGrey 5D is a front projection material designed to reject ambient light while maintaining superb picture quality. It's an ideal fit for rooms that have little or no control over incidental light and allows projector to reflect more light towards the viewer.

  • CineGrey 5D is ISF Certified for Accurate Color Reproduction and GREENGUARD/GREENGUARD GOLD UL 2818 Certified for Safety Indoor Emissions. 4K/8K Ultra HD, Active 3D Ready and Polarized for Passive 3D is ideal for any environments that have limited control lighting while improving color saturation, black levels, and retaining image brightness.

  • 135-inch Diagonal, 66.2-inch H x 117.7-inch W Viewing Size, 16:9 HD Format Aspect Ratio, Overall Assembled Size: 70.9-inch H x 122.4-inch W x 1.6-inch D. Black Velvet Frame

What we like
  • It’s easy to install, with everything necessary included
  • Beautiful video quality
  • You can put speakers behind it
What we dislike
  • Expensive
Silver Ticket STR-169100 100-Inch Screen

Best Budget: Silver Ticket STR-169100 100-Inch Screen

Editor's Rating: 9.4 Brand: Silver Ticket Products Check Price ❯
Brief analysis

If you're looking for the best possible projector screen for your money, you won't go wrong with the SilverTicket 100-inch. It features sturdy and durable metal construction, and it looks just like a high-quality product at a low price.

With its contoured and wrapped design, you get the best viewing experience by avoiding shadows and absorbing extra light.

The Silver Ticket is an excellent choice if you want a large screen that stays put in one specific location. Its wide 160-degree view makes watching movies or TV shows easy even from across the room.

Some product details

  • Wall Mounted Fixed Frame Projection Screen (Overall Size 53.75" Tall x 91.875" Wide) (Viewing Area 100" Diagonal x 49" Tall x 87.125" Wide) No option for Legs or Stands with this product. Recommended for projectors with Native 16:9 Resolution

  • Before purchasing, project an image on wall to determine the size works for the projector and watch the step by step instructional video listed.

  • 2 3/8" heavy duty beveled aluminum frame wrapped in light-absorbing black velvet material for a beautifully crisp viewing image; Enjoy beautiful movies, pictures, and games in FULL HD, 4K / 8K and Active 3D

What we like
  • Rock solid aluminum frame
  • Frame really improves picture
  • There shouldn't be any visible creases or seams in the screen.
  • A matte white screen is great for viewing videos
What we dislike
  • It attracts dust.
  • Poorly written instructions make it hard to follow them.
  • Cheap plastic tension rods and pin connectors are easy to use and inexpensive.
Brief analysis

If you're looking for a projector screen for smaller spaces, the Elite Screens Sable Frame B2 is one of the best options available. It's slightly smaller than some of our other picks but won't completely overwhelm any room.

It has an anti-mildews coating so it won't leave any marks on the walls.

We also love the fact that this monitor has an excellent build and premium feel, ensuring that it won't crease or wrinkle when placed on a desk for extended periods of time. If you're looking for a top-notch easy-to-user product that won't overwhelm a smaller space, then give this monitor a look.

Some product details

  • US Based Company Warranty:: 2-Year/3-Year ENR-G Manufacturer's Warranty by Elite Screens if purchased NEW, an ISO9001 manufacturer since 2004 and Lifetime Tech Support by Email or Phone Call by Elite Screens' Professional Service Team.

  • UPGRADED FEATURES:: 2.75" light weight aluminum frame with dense black velvet finish made to absorb projector overshoot while increases picture contrast for a polished theater like experience.

  • GET THE RIGHT SCREEN:: 100-INCH Diagonal, 16:9 Aspect Ratio. View Size: 49.0" H x 87.2" W. Overall Size: 54.5" H x 92.7" W x 1.6" D. Black Velvet Frame.

What we like
  • It won't be too big for small rooms.
  • A high-quality build keeps your screen from becoming wrinkled and smudged.
What we dislike
  • Hanging brackets can be tricky to attach to frames.
  • It's easiest if there are two people installing the software.
Elite Screens 180-Inch

Best for Large Rooms: Elite Screens 180-Inch

Editor's Rating: 9 Brand: Elite Screens Check Price ❯
Brief analysis

If you want to take your movie-watching experience to the next level, then this massive projection system is the one for you – featuring a widescreen 16x9 4K resolution, and allowing you to raise the entire surface by simply pressing a button on its included smart control panel.

We really appreciate the fact that our screen has a completely black back so there’s no glare when watching videos. It makes viewing content easier because we don't need to worry about reflections from lights or windows. And because of its size, it's perfect for business meetings or even just for watching movies at home.

It weighs 52.9 pounds, making it too big to move once installed, and its design allows you to install it on either the ceiling or wall. If you're looking for large movie screens that look bigger than life, the 180" might be just what you're looking for.

Some product details

  • Includes: Infrared (IR) Remote, Detachable 3-Way Wall Switch, and 12V Trigger Cable

  • Material: MaxWhite a 1.1 Gain, 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Ready FRONT Projection Screen with Black Backing. Features a 180° viewing angle is Resistant, Easy to Clean and is GREEN GUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for Safe/Clean Indoor Use. Compatible with Standard UHD/HD projectors. Not compatible w/ Ultra/Short Throw Projectors

  • Ships fully assembled, plug and play ready, features a durable casing that easily installs to your wall or ceiling with the included installation kit

What we like
  • The 1080p HD resolution makes for an impressive display.
  • To prevent light from entering the lens, back has been made out of black plastic.
  • Gorgeous picture quality
What we dislike
  • Screen may take time to rise and fall.
  • Heavy
Brief analysis

If you’re looking for a screen you can take camping or set up in the backyard, the Elite Screens Pop-up Cinema is the one for you. We love that it’s extremely lightweight and portable, easily fitting into the included carrying case. When it’s movie time, you can set up the screen in no time at all, thanks to the spring-framed system. Included stakes and support rods mean it’ll stay in place outdoors, even in wind.

As you would expect from a screen that folds, the screen does have a tendency to wrinkle, although this becomes less obvious once the film starts. It’s not fully backed, but it does have black masking borders to prevent light from disturbing the picture. It’s also easy to clean with soap and water, important for a screen you’re setting up outside.

Overall, the picture quality is great but would be what you expect from a screen on the lower end of the price spectrum. However, it couldn't be easier to set up, it’s compact and portable, and it’s sure to add a lot of fun on your next camping trip.

Some product details

  • Spring frame design ensures tensioned surface, lightweight and portable construction folds conveniently away. *Please see product description for additional details.*

  • Material: SilkWhite, 1.0 Gain. Lightweight synthetic projection screen material with wide viewing angle and black masking borders that enhance picture contrast. Easy to clean with mild soap and water.Structure Type:Synthetic fabric

  • Includes; carrying case, ground stakes, net base, and support rods.

What we like
  • Light weight and portable, with carry case included
  • A spring-frame system allows for quick and easy setup.
  • Great value
What we dislike
  • Screen can wrinkle sometimes
  • Backing on screen prevents light from passing through.
Brief analysis

If you want to create an entertaining outdoor experience for parties or barbecues, check out the SUNCOO 15ft Inflatable TV/Movie Screens. They're large screens that offer 110 inches in width and 60 inches in height, and they weigh just 22 pounds each.

Setup is easy with the provided blower and stakes, keeping the display inflated and secure to the surface. In just minutes, your display is completely inflated — just remember to zip it closed after inflating. The fan noise is nearly nonexistent, so it won”t disturb your film. The material used to create the frame is strong enough to endure the weather and shows your movie without distortion.

Another useful function is that the SUNCOO provides front and back projection, allowing you to increase your choices. If you're looking for something to add some fun to your pool parties, birthdays, or outdoor gatherings, both children and grownups will enjoy the fun of this affordable outdoor screen.

Some product details

  • OUTDOOR MOVIE THEATER - Just set up our mega inflatable movie screen and get in the mood for a great viewing experience. You can have a party alongside watching your favorite blockbuster movies or sports games on the big screen with your family and friends in the backyard. Let’s get the party started!

  • 15' INFLATABLE MEGA MOVIE SCREEN:Super large screen size of 110" (W.) and 57" (H.), 16:9 aspect ratio. The Projection Screen is 15ft corner to corner giving over 12ft viewing area. GW:22 lbs. This portable projector screen is lightweight enough to take it with you for family entertainment and outdoor movie parties.

  • EASY SET-UP - This outdoor movie screen comes with a 350W quiet blower, 6 * nylon strings, and 6 * base stakes. With the quiet fan, you can blow up this inflatable movie screen in minutes and keeps it inflated throughout the show when plugged in. The tie-downs & base stakes give stability to the whole frame.REMEMBER to zip up the zipper before inflating

What we like
  • It’ll be a big inflatable screen, perfect at events or parties.
  • Set-up is quick and easy
  • Reasonable price
What we dislike
  • Fabric is durable, however, it may tear and rip.
Vivo 100-Inch

Best Motorized: Vivo 100-Inch

Editor's Rating: 8.2 Brand: VIVO Check Price ❯
Brief analysis

Don't get tricked into thinking that the low cost of the Vivo 100" TV means that it doesn't offer good quality. It actually has a powerful motor that allows for easy raising and lowering of the display.

At 60 inches tall and 80 wide, the LG 55EC9300B is one of the largest TVs we've ever tested. Its relatively small size means it won't take up much space on your entertainment stand, so if you're trying to find a TV that can fit into a smaller living space, consider the larger models instead. And because it's quite heavy (at 12 pounds), it might not work well if you're planning to place it on a shelf or mount it on the wall.

Even though the Vivo doesn't offer Active 3D or 4k videos, it's still a good choice for anyone who wants a motorized screen at a low price point.

Some product details

  • Auto Locking Mechanism easily adjusts the height of the screen at the press of a button. Twist the handle to lock the height into place

  • Screen Material 1.1 GAIN with standard black backing to eliminate light penetration. Four side black borders enhance picture contrast

  • Universally Compatible with majority of LED, LCD or DLP projectors on the market

What we like
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Motorized screens are easy to adjust down, with an attached remote control.
  • Vibrant, crisp picture
What we dislike
  • Support for 4K or active 3D viewing not available
  • Mounting hardware not included
Brief analysis

At just under $100, the Vamvo offers a lot of bang for your buck, thanks to its versatility and strong construction. It's easy to set up, comes with handy accessories, and has a nice carrying bag.

Some product details

  • 【Easy to Carry】- The foldable 100" projector screen can be folded into 20.9*10.3 inches and fits compactly and securely into the Vamvo's matching carrying bag along with the projector stand and stand’s accessories. The Vamvo movie projector screen with stand is perfect for outdoor, home theater, camping, etc. You only need one hand to lift the 7.4 pounds projection screen and carry it anywhere you want to go to start your movie journey.

  • 【Assemble Effortlessly】- Vamvo outdoor movie projector screen comes with a foldable stand, which can be easily assembled and disassembled without any tools. All you need to do is unfold the stand and the elastic cord inside will drive the stand to connect quickly and automatically, so you can set it up easily in less than 2 minutes. You will feel that it is convenient and to get rid of the trouble when you use it.

  • 【High-quality Materials】- The wrinkle-resistant projector screen is made of natural polyester fabric.When be long storage or used that can eliminate wrinkles in seconds with an iron, while cleaning up stains and dust by simple wiping with a damp cloth. Vamvo video projector screen is thicker than other regular screens, and that supports front and rear projection, which more convenient for you to use and get rid of the annoyance of moving sight that affects the viewing experience.

What we like
  • Breeze to set up
  • 160-degree viewing angle
  • Great for rear projection
What we dislike
  • Fairly heavy

How to choose the Best Projector Screen

There are several different things that you’ll want to consider when choosing the right projector for your needs. What kind of projector do you have? Is the projector located in a dark corner of the house? If so, then you may not be able to see well enough to use it effectively. How large is the projection surface? Do you plan on using the projector in a small space, or a larger one? Where will you place the projector? Will it be used primarily indoors or outdoors? And finally, what size theater screens do you want or require?


There is a chance that you already own the type of projectors you want, or you have an inkling of which one you’re planning to purchase. If you order your projectors from, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ll get the right projectors and screens together at the lowest price. You can also read up on everything you’d ever want to know without buying a projectors buying guide.

What kind of projector you choose depends largely on what kind of screens you need.

The bigger the lens, the larger the image can be displayed.

The quality of the image projected onto the screen is also an important factor. Projectors come in various sizes and resolutions. Make sure that your projectors can handle the desired output before purchasing one. You should also consider the type of material used to make your projection screen. Matte screens provide better contrast ratios than glossy ones. However, they are not suitable for high ambient light conditions. For these reasons, we recommend getting a projection screen made of acrylic.

When it came to choosing between a 4K or 1080p projector, one thing to consider was whether or not the projector would be able to support a higher supported video format. For example, if you were considering an LG UHD TV (which supports Ultra HD), then you might want to choose a projector that could handle that high of a supported video format.

If you plan to buy an ultra-short throw (UST) projection system, you’ll want to consider buying a UST projection screen to achieve the best visual results.


Light is extremely important when choosing the right material for your screen.

Screens are designed to both send light back to the projector and use the ambient light in the room for the highest image quality. Can you completely turn off all external lights?

If your room has lots of ambient lighting then you probably need an ambient lighting-reducing projection system.

You can read an overview of ALR screen technology below or you can check out a detailed explanation of how they work.


You may want to consider positioning your seats so that everyone is sitting closer together and facing the projector. Also, if you’re using a large space, you might want to use a projector that produces less light so that everyone can see the image clearly. Finally, the type of materials you choose for your walls will have an effect on your viewers’ experience.



A projection screen is a flat, usually white, piece of material onto which the image from a movie or television show is projected.

A home theatre screen is usually used to project an image from a projector onto a larger surface area so that it can be seen by several people at once.



Premium Projection Screens are designed to show off the full capabilities of your high-resolution projectors. When used correctly, they can increase the apparent resolution of your projection system by up to 50%.

If there is anything at all on the screen that isn’t absolutely flat, and/or if there is any sort of patterned or textured surface on the screen, then that could potentially interfere with the projection.

Your eyes will never see a single pixel, but if you compare the quality of a cheap TV display against a well-calibrated HDTV, you may notice some differences.


A well-calibrated projection system will not affect the color balance of the image. White is white and gray is grey, but within the range of white and gray, there may be instances of tints that shift towards the yellow or blue spectrums. If you use a good projection system, it won’t cause any color shifting.


A further advantage of large cinema projection screens is that they often come with adjustable gains so you can adjust them for optimum viewing pleasure. If you’re watching a movie at night, you might increase the gain to improve the contrast between bright whites and dark blacks; if you’re watching a film during the day, you may lower the gain to boost the black levels.


Premium projection screens are free of any kind of pattern or design. By being pattern-free, the resulting picture will stand out more because the geometry of the pixels coming from the source will not be distorted or altered. When projected pixels touch a patterned screen, they may cause undesirable effects such as noise or distortion. A smooth screen pattern allows you to display videos with ultra-high resolutions.


If you’re a student, a businessman, an entertainer, or a movie buff, then you need a projector.

We’re sure we can help you find the right projector screen for your needs!

People who require large projection screens tend to fall into one of these three categories, Those who want to project onto a wall (or ceiling).

Home theaters are ideal for people who want a private cinema space, outdoor movie nights, and those who want a full-fledged film theatre in their living rooms.

Conventional theaters – Conventional theaters such as traditional theaters are the ideal setting for large screens.

Conference room presentations – Nothing conveys the point better than a big projector screen.

Schools can use large screen projectors to improve student learning.

Projectors are ideal for churches and houses of worship because they’re easy to set up and use.


We’ve been asked “Can I put up a sheet for a projector?” or “Can I put up something else instead of a sheet?” Yes, but really no.

You shouldn’t expect a projector to work without a screen. However, having a dedicated video projector screen can improve its performance.

The problem with projecting onto a wall is that while it looks flat, it actually isn’t.

A plain wall won’t project images as clearly as a screen. This could cause distortion or blurring of the images.

Your movie theater experience will not be ruined by any blemish, bubble, or paint drip.

If you use a white sheet, you’ll get a dull, whitish background. You won’t be able to capture any detail from the subject at all.

You need to buy a high-definition (HD) screen if you want to project images at their best.

Useful guide Projector: Several Things You Need To Know Before Buying One

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