Best Projectors Under $200

Best projectors under 200

One of the most adaptable methods to make a modest display seem larger than life is to use a projector. A quality projector is a way to go whether you want a greater at-home movie enjoyment, workplace display, or gaming screen. Therefore, throughout this publication, we’ve collected a list of the best projectors under $200 that will help you make the best selection possible.

Quick Comparision

Image Product
TMY V28 7000 Lumens LED Projector  Best Budget Projector: TMY V28 7000 Lumens LED Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.8 Brand: TMY Check Price
TOPVISION Portable Mini with 100 inches Projector Screen Best Portable Projector: TOPVISION Portable Mini with 100 inches Projector Screen
Editor's Rating: 9.7 Brand: TOPVISION Check Price
GooDee 2021 Upgrade Best Projector for Camping: GooDee 2021 Upgrade
Editor's Rating: 9.4 Brand: GooDee Check Price
FANGOR 1080p Movie Projector  Best Projector for Home Theater: FANGOR 1080p Movie Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.3 Brand: FANGOR Check Price
Wsky H2 Best Gaming Projector: Wsky H2
Editor's Rating: 9.1 Brand: Wsky Check Price

Top 5 best projectors under $200

The TMY V28 is an underappreciated affordable model with excellent visual performance, but it has failed to gain widespread acceptance in the market. The device's most significant selling point is its 7000 Lumens of brightness, which means ambient light won't disturb you even if you use it in a well-lit environment.

A 4000:1 contrast ratio and a wide color gamut complement the high brightness level, creating a vibrant visual quality with precise clarity. One of the best projectors under $200 supports DLP and 1080p and can be used as a full-featured movie projector.

Users won't need to connect an additional speaker to watch a movie alone since the integrated HiFi stereo will give a powerful audio performance with correct speech delivery. Turn your living room into a home theater with this one of the most delicate affordable projectors under $200, thanks to its 270-inch full-screen size.

You can effortlessly connect a TV Stick, laptop, smartphone, or media player via the HDMI, USB, VGA, micro SD, and audio connectors. However, the sound isn't great, and it features a headphone port to which we connected our external speaker.

The cast function is interesting; however, it doesn't work with streaming services (Netflix, HULU, Amazon, and Disney+) since HDCP prevents the casting/mirroring device from working. You may still connect a Chromecast or firestick to your TV and stream from there.

What we like
  • Images that are both bright and crisp
  • Full HD videos are not degraded
  • A lovely and portable design
  • The screen size is relatively large
  • Can connect to an iPhone to preview images and videos
  • Built speaker
What we dislike
  • Inadequate audio volume
On this list, the TOPVISION Mini projector has the most significant throw distance. When stretched correctly, the screen that comes with the projector is big and wrinkle-free. In terms of setup and display, the projector is simple to operate. It's also relatively light.

It produces high-quality images. The picture is relatively easy to modify, and the image is sharp and clear. This projector is ideal for both indoor and outdoor parties (campsite and backyard). Two HDMI ports, two USB ports, VGA, AV, TF, and Audio outputs are all available on the Topvision (headphone jack).

You may use an HDMI connector to link this projector to a TV Stick, Apple TV, or Roku to watch movies, videos, photographs, and TV shows. It works with TV Boxes, Chromebooks, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Blu-ray and DVD players, SD Cards, and USB Flash Drives, among other devices.

Two 3W speakers are included with this projector. To minimize overheating and reduce noise, it employs dual-fan cooling technology.

What we like
  • Long-range throws
  • Excellent luminosity
  • Long-lasting bulbs and high-quality speakers
What we dislike
  • No HD resolution is available
One of the most excellent projectors under $200 is GooDee's. It has 80% higher brightness than the other projectors in this price range. It features a spectacular contrast ratio of 3000:1. It produces stunning photographs even in low-light conditions and in outdoor settings, such as when camping. The visual quality on this unit is decent, with what appears to be a genuine personality.

This Goodee product has a native resolution of 1280*768p and supports 1080P Full HD, providing super-accurate and vibrant video quality. The above brand makes use of the most advanced cooling system and new programs to ensure that the projector does not make a lot of noise in a quiet area.

The display has a 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio and a maximum display size of 230 inches, which is significant. From a distance of 10 feet meanwhile, a screen with a 98-inch display is ideal. It comes with two built-in 3-Watt speakers for a better listening experience in the privacy of your own home. For a projector, the sound is quite decent.

However, very rudimentary color settings and the ability to play movies from a memory card are included. It would be great if GooDee invested some time and money in developing the software. On the negative side, the keystone correction ring is directly adjacent to the focus ring and feels quite loose, making it likely to drift. Even when projecting squarely against the wall, getting a crisp picture in all four corners has proven problematic.

What we like
  • Cutting-edge cooling technology
  • Negligible Noise
  • 30000 hours of robust light life
  • Speakers with two stereo channels
What we dislike
  • When utilized in a brightly lit setting, the visuals appear slightly dull
  • During gameplay, you may notice a slight lag
We suggest this projector because of its native 1080p resolution, and it's an excellent value for home theater. FANGOR isn't a new name in the projection industry; it's been around for over a decade.

With a contrast ratio of 6000:1, the screen's brightest white and the most profound black balance are outstanding. That's why we were able to view visuals that were clear, crisp, and detailed. In addition, the video experience as a whole was fantastic. The projector has several ports, including a few HDMI, USB, aux, and so on, and you haven't yet tried connecting your phone to the projector since it's Bluetooth/wifi compatible.

Comparable to other $200 HD projectors, FANGOR has wireless functionality, allowing you to connect your wireless connections straight to it, such as smartphones, laptops, and other devices. It also has a built-in stereo surround speaker. However, for a more excellent sound impression, we recommend connecting any suitable Bluetooth speakers.

What we like
  • Available full HD native 1080p support
  • It has a projection screen with a maximum size of 230 inches
  • Even in a well-lit environment, the brightness and image quality are outstanding
  • Wireless Screen Mirroring is a feature that is accessible on both iOS and Android smartphones
  • Supports Airplay and Miracast
  • Simple to set up and use
What we dislike
  • In an ample space, the sound was not loud enough for everyone to hear.
  • It lacks a keystone correction.
Wsky H2

Best Gaming Projector: Wsky H2

Editor's Rating: 9.1 Brand: Wsky Check Price ❯
Wsky is a well-known brand that specializes in high-end home entertainment systems. You can easily use this product in a semi-dark environment and much better in complete darkness. The audio was clear and loud, loud enough that you need to turn down the level on your laptop to around 10% to avoid disturbing your neighbor.

One of its most important innovations is H2. It has a lot of complex features and delivers a punch. It is the ideal projector for your gaming because of its unrivaled performance and excellent value for money.

This projector uses an 84 LED projection engine, which is 75 percent crisper and brighter than the 48-LED innovation used by most projectors in its price range. The technology makes it perfect for an outdoor movie night or any other sort of enjoyment in the dark.

This one has a single speaker rather than twin speakers, which is more effective. It also conserves energy. Another standout feature is the twin fan design, which uses an effective cooling mechanism to protect the light bulb and extend the projector's life.

With this projector, you will have a better video quality since it provides a cinema-level large screen display HD 1080P with 15-degree vertical keystone adjustment. On a 176-inch screen, you may view movies, music videos, and play games.

What we like
  • Excellent viewing pleasure
  • Provides outstanding value for money and is cost-effective
  • A two-in-one entertainment system with a loudspeaker
What we dislike
  • For PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or business presentations, this is not the most excellent option.

Buying Guide

When looking for projectors under $200, it’s critical to analyze the characteristics of the projectors. There are numerous aspects to consider, though. In this buyer’s guide, we will focus on the most crucial features.


Brightness is an important attribute that we should prioritize. But, it is dependent on the environment in which we will use it. 

As a comparison, if you want to use a projector in the day, you’ll need one that’s brighter (3000+ lumens). If you intend to use it at night, though, a lower brightness (maybe 1000 lumens) will suffice. As a result, make your selection based on your requirements. The best part is that with projectors with a brightness of 3000 lumens or more, you can purchase for less than $200.


Each photo could be light or dark; however, they determine its quality by its contrast ratio. In definition, contrast is the difference between a dark and a light photo. The darker the picture, the deeper the contrast. To put it simply, we should get a high contrast projector to improve image quality. A dynamic contrast projector provides a higher quality image or viewing enjoyment and assures image clarity.


The greater the resolution, like the contrast and brightness of a projector, the better the visual quality. It is critical when purchasing a projector for various uses, including gaming and a comparatively high theater experience. Conversely, the majority of projectors are built with a fixed resolution technology. That seems to be, and you cannot manually adjust its resolution. 

Hence it is recommended to get a projector with a wide range of resolution settings, which will assist you in determining the best one for your media type.


Think about keystone before you do anything else, such as watching movies, giving presentations, or playing games. The process begins with adjusting the projection of the image. In other words, you must first alter the projection of the picture. It makes no difference whether you mount your projector to the ceiling or the surface. The keystone function allows you to modify the image digitally. This characteristic is critical for seeing a crisp and sharp photo.

Throw Distance

In short, throw distance is the range between the projector and the screen. The throw distance of each projector, on the other hand, may vary. It is reliable on the projector’s size. The longer the throw distance, the more costly the projector. When it comes to throwing distance, I recommend that you first measure the distance accurately so that you can invest appropriately.

Screen Size

The projector’s screen size determines the viewing experience; it can be small or large, depending on the projector. It also relies on the type of surface you’re going to project. Hence, in this case, throw distance is critical. We have already stated that you must measure the distance between a projector and the ground to achieve the optimum image quality.

Lamp Ampe

As you may be aware, the projector bulb is the most significant ingredient. Since it does not have a warranty, make sure you get a projector with a longer bulb life. However, it is dependent on the projector you are purchasing. You will obtain light with a longer lifespan if you are buying a more costly projector. We recommend getting one that has a bulb life of at least 10,000 hours.

There are several connectivity alternatives available; the difference is which one provides the best performance and quality. Consequently, HDMI is the finest connecting choice; you can anticipate more fantastic sound and visual quality with it. Ensure that the projector you purchase is HDMI compatible.


Smartphones, PCs, Macs, Xboxes, PS4s, and other gadgets are all used in 2021. As a result, we’ll need a projector that can connect to whatever device we’re using. Some projectors, on the other hand, are compatible with specific types of devices. Users should double-check the projector’s compatibility before purchasing to put it another way.


The warranty is one of the most crucial vital variables that you must take into account. Make sure you choose a projector with a solid guarantee. But, most projectors come with a lifetime guarantee. As a result, it can save you money if any of your projector’s parts need to be replaced.

Extra Features

What happens when you view HD movies or play full HD games? As a result, it is preferable to have a projector with a cooling system. In a nutshell, this feature keeps your projector cool. However, there are other optional options available, with the cooling system being the most significant.


We understand how difficult it is to locate the best projector under $200, but we hope that we have been able to assist you. We have included a complete guide and all necessary information to help you get the top-powered screen available. The comprehensive study will provide you with a thorough understanding of the best displays, allowing you to select any of them based on your needs.

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