Best Yaber Projectors

Best Yaber Projectors

We have researched the market and famous sales websites and found that customers rate Yaber as one of the top brands in projector production. Why is it considered the best? That’s because not only is its high quality, but its price is also wallet-friendly and diverse for many consumer usages. However, projector companies are very competitive these days, so it’s essential to determine if Yaber is the most suitable for you.

Today, our article will include reviews related to the pros and cons of the Best Yaber Projectors models on the market. Your job is to read and research carefully and compare products with each other to choose which one best suits your needs.

To decide after reading our article, you must determine your buying criteria, especially resolution, contrast ratio. Typically, experts recommend that when you want to use the projector for exhibitions, meetings, or at the office, a full HD screen like a 1080p projector will be great. However, it would also be ideal for your home theater. Please read our article below to get helpful information for your first experience with the projector.

Quick Comparision

Image Product
Yaber Y21 Projector – Best video projector Yaber Y21 Projector – Best video projector
Editor's Rating: 9.8 Brand: YABER Check Price
Yaber Y30 Projector – Yaber native 1080p projector Yaber Y30 Projector – Yaber native 1080p projector
Editor's Rating: 9.7 Brand: YABER Check Price
Yabet Y31 Projector – Yaber 1080p projector Yabet Y31 Projector – Yaber 1080p projector
Editor's Rating: 9.4 Brand: YABER Check Price
Yaber Y61 Projector – Best mini portable projector Yaber Y61 Projector – Best mini portable projector
Editor's Rating: 9.3 Brand: YABER Check Price
Yaber V3 Projector – Best Bluetooth projector Yaber V3 Projector – Best Bluetooth projector
Editor's Rating: 9 Brand: YABER Check Price
Yaber V2 Projector – Best wifi projector Yaber V2 Projector – Best wifi projector
Editor's Rating: 8.7 Brand: YABER Check Price

Best Yaber Projectors 2021

Your job requires frequent use of outdoor projectors, or you often project under outdoor weather conditions. Perhaps Yaber is the product for you to choose with excellent criteria for a product to come. From Germany plus a strict production process. The projector's high contrast ratio of 7000:1 gives users a wide range of choices on a 1080 projector. Moreover, with 7000 lumens, accurate color and definition become the highlight of this projector. Here are the key features of the YABER Y21 Projector:
The integrated SRS sound system and dual 3W stereo speakers provide an unexpected experience

As we all know, the number of pixels reflects almost the entire projector quality. The larger the number shown on the screen, the better the image quality becomes. When buying a projector product, you must make sure that you should choose products with enough quality in terms of the resolution to suit your needs.

In terms of size, projector widths come in many varieties. They range from 46 to 300 inches and correspond to a recommended distance of 5.4 to 29ft. After a long time of worldwide use, the most suitable space is 10ft for users. These products use advanced photomechanical constructions to achieve uniform color coverage and quality.

With a brightness of 7000 lumens, more than 50% of other projectors are on the market today. Typically, projectors only use about 5500 lumens, which is moderate in completely dark environments.

You can also use low light quickly, and the images when projected are of excellent quality. Moreover, Y21 can adjust the resolution and distance, which is a plus point to improve the length's quality and convenience.
Why is the Yaber Y30 Native 1080P projector ranked number one in this review? Simply because it is packed with more outstanding features than other models. The Y30 7200 Lux is rated nearly five stars by consumers on the digital platform due to its modern keystone correction function. This feature has the effect of ensuring that the projected image is always rectangular. Here are some outstanding features:
Good price
Brightness up to 7000 lumens
Modern 4D keystone correction feature
Super good customer service
The remote control settings make this function change the screen. The projector's proper hanging from the ceiling is lucrative for those who enjoy it. The X/Y ZOOM feature can lower the projection size without worrying about the projection distance.
The picture compression you have to worry about is a significant advantage to consumers. A Yaber 1080p projector with a dynamic contrast ratio of 8000:1 with 7200 lumens provides crisp, colorful images. In general, owing to a contemporary five-layer high index glass lens, you may enjoy the most excellent viewing experience.

In addition to these functions, you also get Optical Coating Technology which employs top-quality glass to provide better light penetration and almost no virtual focus. The unique low dispersion lens can reduce color aberration in a manner that offers stunning clarity.
The second model for the projector on our list is the Y31, which is easier to pick from for your budget. Like the Y30, the Y31 also comes with a 4D keystone correction tool, but vertical and horizontal. The Y31 projector's main characteristics are as follows:
Assembled with several ports and connections
Twice as strong as ordinary LED screens
Can decrease noise by around 30-40% compared to standard projection systems
In addition, its zoom functionalities are among the most remarkable characteristics of this projector. Without changing the actual product by an inch, you may easily set the screen. This pricing range is hugely beneficial because most competitor goods lack such sophisticated capabilities.

The inclusion of SmarEco's newest technology reduces the energy consumption of the light to 100000 hours of battery life. A quiet cooling system with three fans also running currently has been present to the projector. In addition, because the built-in 3W double stereo ladder with the SRS sound system is available, you receive good audio production.
Y61 is the best product for commercial and personal use. They support Wifi connection and connection settings with intelligent devices. Here are some key Features of the YABER Y61 Projector:
Equipped with SmarEco Technology - reduces power consumption.
Professional and highly experienced customer care team
Built-in 3W Speaker system and SRS sound

With today's modern features, they can project content from your phone or Miracast-enabled devices onto the projector screen with ease. In addition, the distance control feature varies from 100 to 75%, so you don't need to move but can still adjust your vision.

The Y61 WiFi Projector has 1280x720p and 5500 lumens of light with a high 6000:1 contrast ratio. The 16:9 and 4:3 frames allow for various viewing angles and are more convenient than similar projectors. In addition, Y61 is equipped with Portrait LCD Display Tech that promises to bring a new experience to users.

Indeed, this is the choice for customers who require flexibility and reasonable prices. This mini projector brings full features and a very new experience to users. It can be used in many places because of its compact quality. Moreover, they integrate a variety of connections, which adds more plus points to this product.
To choose a projector in today's time with so many diverse products is indeed very difficult. We recommend that you first select the Yaber 1080p products available in the market. These products are all equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 ports to connect wirelessly to any smart device that uses Bluetooth. In addition, Yaber fits your projector with an SRS sound system and comes with 3W speakers that will bring vivid sound without requiring additional speakers. Here are the main key features of the Yaber V3 Projector:
Works well in most environments, especially in dark backgrounds.
Suitable for family use.
Integrated many modern connection ports.
Capable of remote control to zoom the image

Like other advanced Yaber products, this projector features 1920x1080p resolution and up to 5500 lumens of brightness. A plus point for this product is that the price is relatively low but does not affect other features, high contrast 5500:1. Because of this, the WiFi V3 product is highly appreciated and used more widely than similar products at the same price.

True to the nature of the family, the product is cheap in addition to sound quality. It comes with a stylish, chic design with the lens. More than that is the durability of the projector. It is equipped with LCD screen technology that provides transparent colors and images. Along with that, you get lifetime support from the brand and a warranty period of up to 3 years with a professional customer care system. Therefore, they are the best choice for you in this price range.
YABER V2 WiFi Mini Projector 5500 LUX [Projector Screen Included] also makes a remarkable product in this segment. They have FULL HD 1080P quality and support up to 200 inches on other intelligent platforms. Here are the foremost vital Features of the YABER V2 Projector:
Integrated new sound system.
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 and 16:9
Power supply voltage: AC 100-240V
SCT display and use of innovative converting technology

This projector supports Wi-Fi connectivity for smartphone systems and on iOS and Android platforms. They can quickly play almost any content from your phone. In addition to zoom on the phone, they also integrate a control feature to give you more choices.

Like other designs in the same segment, this projector is equipped with a resolution of 1280x720p and a brightness of up to 5500 Lumens, 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, along with exceptionally high contrast up to 6000:1. As a result, they produce images that are 60% clearer than today's projectors on the market. This Yaber projector can also be connected through many different ports and methods. So they are a compelling choice for groups as well as families.

This product is relatively compact so that users can carry it around very conveniently. In addition, the manufacturer provides you with a free repair period of 6 months and five years of technical support with experts.

Why Should You Choose Yaber

Here are some of the projector’s must-have features that you need to consider:


Products manufactured by one of the reputable brands bring reliability to customers. It must be said that the outcomes of this publisher provide users with safety. Next, pay attention to customer reviews and feedback that give you more information to deliver multiple perspectives of your selection process to make an accurate and problem-free decision. 


Price can be said to be the core of the product. Before buying, we need to weigh the products very carefully to match their quality. In this complex and diverse market, price is the thing to consider carefully.


Many people often pay little attention to the connection port. But this is also a critical point that affects the durability of the projector. In addition, they also speak to the diversity of the projector’s connections. When they have many connection ports, the product can be used for many purposes such as office, home. Make sure you purchase two VGA or HDMI ports to provide easy connectivity and the entire incoming transmission quality.


Very few projectors integrate additional speakers for the product, which may be unnecessary or affect the projector more or less. But with design capabilities from Yaber, they will incorporate more speakers that will produce good sound. Therefore, if you want to enjoy movies outdoors or in a remote place, you can still use them comfortably. In this segment, most projector configurations are almost similar. Please consider carefully to choose the right product that suits your price.


How is the surround sound system connected?

You can connect surround sound to any device you want to project on. Instead of handling the dog again, you can connect to another device for a better experience. For more details, you can use a 3.5mm AUX cable or Bluetooth.

Will the image be sharpest when I turn on all the lights around the room?

For any projector, when all the lights around the room are on, it will not provide the best user experience. You can still see it, but there may be some loss of the image. But if the projector is upgraded to a higher level, this problem will be overcome.

How to change focus? Do I need to reinstall?

When you first buy it, removing the lens or changing something related to the hardware is a bad thing to do. If you want, you can rotate it counterclockwise. Be sure to remove and reassemble carefully and avoid touching the glass panel. If you have no experience with this, call an expert to help you. Or you can contact our support center for the most detailed support.


Indeed, when choosing any product, we still start with confusion because there are so many choices to suit your needs. Therefore, consider carefully and compare products with each other. In particular, you should start with your requirements first to have a better overview. 

As simple as if you travel, maybe Yaber Y60 with up to 6000 Lumen brightness, 1080P FULL HD screen, up to 200 inches wide, and lots of connectivity ports included. In particular, it is small and full of features. If you have conditions and are picky in the choice, and want to choose the best product, Yaber Native 1080P with an intensity of 6500 Lumens integrates many modern ports today with different types of machines. It serves most of today’s needs, such as gaming, work, and the office. 

After good service designers from the company, good products, different temperature systems, professional Yaber projectors are the most reasonable choice for users today. And you? Which projector did you choose?

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