Best Bluetooth Projector – Advice from Seasoned Experts


Going out for dinner? You should definitely bring a Bluetooth speaker so you can impress everyone with some cool technology, and a good movie is always an excellent idea.

We’ve tested 15 projects and picked nine of the best Bluetooth projectors. The best Bluetooth projection system on the market today lets users display images and video on their screen without the hassle of having to physically attach cables. These products make it easier for you to view things on your TV from anywhere around your home or office without any tangling wires or cords. You can easily sync them with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop via Bluetooth technology. Here’s how to buy Best Bluetooth Projector.

Quick Comparison

Image Product
TOPTRO Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projector Editor's Choice: TOPTRO Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.8 Brand: TOPTRO Check Price
Anker Nebula Cosmos Premium Pick: Anker Nebula Cosmos
Editor's Rating: 9.7 Brand: NEBULA Check Price
XGIMI MoGo Pro Portable Projector Best Battery-Powered Projector: XGIMI MoGo Pro Portable Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.5 Brand: XGIMI Check Price
TMY Wi-Fi Projector Best Compatibility: TMY Wi-Fi Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.4 Brand: TMY Check Price
GROVIEW Outdoor Movie Projector Best Noiseless Projector: GROVIEW Outdoor Movie Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.3 Brand: Groview Check Price
Asnishshhh Movie Projector Best Quality on Big Screens: Asnishshhh Movie Projector
Editor's Rating: 9.2 Brand: Asnishshhh Check Price
PENMAMA Portable Projector Best Lag-free Wireless Display: PENMAMA Portable Projector
Editor's Rating: 8.9 Brand: PENMAMA Check Price
Native 1080P projector Best Built-in Speakers: Native 1080P projector
Editor's Rating: 8.7 Brand: THZY Check Price

Best Bluetooth Projector – Advice from Seasoned Experts

Brief analysis

The first Bluetooth projector we reviewed was the TOPTRO Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projection System. This product is made by TOPTRO, a company based out of Shenzhen, China. They have been around for quite some time and they produce quality items. This particular system contains lots of great features such as WiFi connectivity, an HDMI port, and an SD card slot. It also includes a USB port so users can charge their devices through this port. Overall, this is one of the best Bluetooth projectors on the market today.

We ranked this projector on top of our best Bluetooth projectors list because it has an incredible number of useful functions. First off, it comes with a built-in Wi-Fi feature. You do not need any additional hardware to connect to the internet. Just plug in the cable and enjoy watching your favorite shows and playing online games. In case you do not have Wi-Fi, you can connect through wired ports such as USB, Ethernet, or HDMI. Another great thing about this model is that you can use it wirelessly. No need to worry about connecting it to a computer anymore. Simply place it anywhere within range and watch your favorite video clips or play your favorite games. Lastly, this unit is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This means that it will work seamlessly with newer devices. So if you own a smartphone or tablet, you can easily transfer files between them and the TV.

As far as projector models go, this one competes well against other projector models including the Anker Nebula Cosmos, but it doesn't offer 4K resolution. However, it offers a clear resolution which makes it easy to get a bright and vibrant image no matter where you are (indoors or outdoors). It also features a lifetime warranty of 60,000 hrs and a built-in fan/cooler so you don't need to worry about replacing lamps or repairing the projector.

Some product details

  • 「60,000 Hours Lamp Life & Cooling System」Longer life and Lower Noise. With the latest LED Technology, projector effectively extending the Lamp Life up to 60000hrs. Updated noise suppression technology and cooling system, much higher heat dissipation efficiency, much lower Noise. The fan noise decreased by 30% than ordinary projector.

  • 「Native 1080*720P & 9000lumen」 Compared with portable projectors of the same size in the market, TR21 has 3 times clearer resolution, 9000 lumen and 7000:1 contrast ratio, which also allows you to get brighter and vivid projection images.

  • 「Portable Design & Multiple Devices Connection」 TR21 has multiple ports, including HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, SD card, which is convenient to connect PC, TV Stick,PS4, X-Box,etc.With the compact size and light weight, it's very easy to transport and store this mini projector. Ideal for home or outdoor entertainment.

What we like
  • Wireless connection mirroring.
  • Supports latest Bluetooth version
  • It has high brightness levels and good contrast.
  • It can last up to 60,000 hours before needing to be replaced.
  • It has the highest resolution.
  • Has in-built speakers.
What we dislike
  • If you want to use this device effectively, you need to close the screen. Otherwise, you won't be able to see anything clearly.
  • It seems that the aspect ratio setting doesn't work. The manufacturer should fix this problem.
Anker Nebula Cosmos

Premium Pick: Anker Nebula Cosmos

Editor's Rating: 9.7 Brand: NEBULA Check Price ❯
Brief analysis

NEBULA was founded in 2005 by two brothers who wanted to create an affordable wireless speaker system. Their idea was simple yet revolutionary; they would make speakers that could wirelessly connect to any device without wires. In 2007, NEBULA released the first version of the product. Since then, NEBULA has grown into a global brand, releasing products such as the NEBULA PowerLine Wireless Speaker System, NEBULA Portable Speakers, and the NEBULA Soundbar.

We're thrilled to offer this mini projection system that does so much more than simply project images onto walls. With an impressive array of features, this device delivers high-quality video and sound along with a wide range of entertaining options. Its innovative design allows you to enjoy the latest films, television shows, and sporting events without having to worry about missing any action. And thanks to the included wireless speaker, you can easily amplify the sounds coming from your favorite media sources. This unit comes equipped with a powerful battery that lasts for hours on end, allowing you to continue watching your favorite shows without needing to recharge. To learn more about how this device works, read our full review.

The Anker Nebula projectors are one of the top choices among those who are searching for high-definition multimedia devices (HDM). Its feature set is unmatched, and it can also be used as a media player. You can connect it to TVs, laptops, and smartphones via HDMI, USB, and microSD ports. Moreover, it supports Dolby Vision HDR10, which means that you can enjoy movies and shows in full color vibrancy. It comes with a built-in speaker system that delivers crisp sound.

Some product details

  • A New Dimension of Sound: With Dolby Digital Plus and Sound Dimension, Cosmos’s speakers have been optimized to deliver 360° of true 3D audio.

  • Upscale Everything: Cosmos Max breathes new life into your old DVDs, videos, and even live TV broadcasts thanks to Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG). It automatically detects when you’re watching non-HDR content and upscales it in real-time so everything you watch looks sensational.

  • True Cinema Experience: Watch your favorite movies, sports events, games, and more in astonishing quality with Cosmos Max’s 4K UHD image.

What we like
  • Upscaling technology that improves the quality of images in real time.
  • With this device, you can download over 5,000 apps for endless entertainment.
  • Free software updates.
  • Adjustable image sizing.
  • Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound.
What we dislike
  • The projector isn't quiet. It might disrupt movie viewing at night.
  • You can download applications from the Google Play Store. However, it would be easier to get them from there than from the Nebula Manager.
Brief analysis

If you're looking for a small device that offers good portability, then the MoGo Pro is one of the best options out there. It has a bright light output of 300 lumens, which makes it the best Bluetooth projector when used at home. And because it's lightweight, it's also an excellent travel companion.

We rank this product third on our list because it is easy to carry around. You can take it wherever you wish, whether it is in your backpack or car. Moreover, it can project images onto any wall surface without requiring an electrical outlet. It also features a built-in speaker system that lets you enjoy high quality sound. Additionally, it offers a wide range of entertainment applications through the Google play store.

Compared to the XnooGo projectors above, this one does not come with a convenient wireless connection function. You cannot connect it wirelessly to your smartphone. Only through USB and HDMI connections can you watch videos on your big screen. The included battery may not last very long if you watch movies for a long period of time. After about two hours, the light will start dimming down and you'll have to recharge it again.

Some product details

  • Auto Keystone Correction: Autofocus and 40° Auto Keystone Correction ensure a perfect aspect ratio from almost any angle.

  • Harman Kardon Sound: Phenomenal audio powered by two 3W built-in Harman Kardon speakers. You can also wirelessly connect soundbars and Bluetooth headphones

  • Android Tv: Download apps directly to the projector from Google Play, including YouTube, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney +, HBO Max, and more! Please note that our product does not stream the native Netflix app.

What we like
  • Built-in battery.
  • Compact and extremely portable.
  • Google Play Store makes downloading apps easy and convenient.
  • It has a built-in auto focus feature for a perfect aspect ration.
What we dislike
  • They could've equipped the projector with a larger capacity battery capable of lasting longer than an hour.
Brief analysis

Another best outdoor projector is the TMY Wi-Fi projector. The projector has an output of 7500 lumens, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It is easy to set up and connects to your phone/tablet via Bluetooth or WiFi.

We include this projector on our list due to its high quality and ease of use. It comes with multiple ports such as HDMI/VGA, USB, TF card, and AV. You may connect your devices to this device through these ports. Moreover, it also supports wireless projection so that you can project your PC, tablet, phone, etc. screens without cables.

Compared to other similar products in this list, the TMY Wi-Fi projectors are better than most others because they have the following advantages: They're cheaper; they come with an HDMI cable; they have a longer warranty period, and they have a larger screen size.

Some product details

  • Easy Screen Synchronization Via WiFi : You need no cables to synchronize or mirror your smart phones & tablets screen any more. We have now simplified the WiFi connection steps and equipped this model of V28 WiFi projector with the latest WiFi technology, making it more friendly and stable to user.

  • Wide Compatibility and Application : This V28 wireless projector is featured with multiple ports for ease of use, including a HDMI, USB, TF Card, VGA, and AV interface. It's the perfect solution for a wide variety of inputs includes but not limited to TV Stick/Box, Game Console, PCs, Smartphone & Laptops, DVD player, TF card and USB Sticks, External Speaker etc.

  • Customized and Quality Projector : This video projector is fitted with a modern design and is a customized and limited edition. The innovative and efficient cooling system empowers a stunning watching and listening experience by decreasing 80% fan noise, a unique dual built-in speakers system, offering excellent loud sound quality without connecting to an external speaker. This is in addition to the easy to adjustable focus and keystone correction function.

What we like
  • 80% quieter fan.
  • Loud built-in dual speakers.
  • Excellent cooling system.
  • It works with any PC, smartphone, TF card, and so on.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Quality full HD performance.
What we dislike
  • The built-in speaker system doesn't provide good audio quality. It would be better if they were equipped with technology such as 360 degree stereo.
Brief analysis

If you're looking for a budget projector, the Grooview Outdoor movie projector is the perfect choice for you. It's ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and has an impressive 6000-lumen brightness making it possible to project movies and images even during bright weather.

We picked this projector because it features an extremely silent mode. It provides you with a comfortable atmosphere so that you can enjoy your movie without any distractions. This projector is made to comply with all the safety regulations set forth by the US government. Its two-year guarantee ensures that if you ever encounter problems with your unit, they'll fix them quickly and send you a new one right away. You won't face any risks when buying this model because the company also offers a free replacement for defective units.

When comparing the performance of the above TMY Wi-Fi projector to the below one, they both perform very similarly. They have similar features, such as having a 720p HD screen, full HD support, dual stereo powerful sound systems, and so forth. However, the below one has a better cooling system, and it also supports wireless display. Both models can connect to a wide range of electronic devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and others.

Some product details

  • 【MULTIMEDIA PORTABLE MOVIE PROJECTOR】 GROVIEW Mini Video Projector equipped with various ports such as HDMI / VGA / AV / USB / SD / audio outputis, compatible with TV Box, ChromeBook, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Blue-ray DVD player, USB Flash Drive, SD Card, Video Games, Media players (Video, Photos, TXT), Smartphones ( Wireless HDMI Dongle not included).

  • 【NATIVE 720P FULL HD RESOLUTION】This Video projector has 6000lux. With a native resolution of 1280*720 and a contrast ratio of 6000:1. The movie projector provides sharp and detailed HD images. Combining an innovative high light transmittance glassed lens ensures to bring you a ultimate outdoor home theater movie fun.

  • 【100" PROJECTOR SCREEN INCLUDED】 To meet the customer's outdoor movies needs, a 100" Portable Projector Screen in the package. Our more portable projector for outdoor movies provides a watching size from 72” to 240” with a projection distance between 6.8ft to 22ft. Enjoy the great movies outside with your family in your yard( Recommended to use in the evening).

What we like
  • Noiseless design.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Two years warranty and free replacement policy.
  • It works well with a wide variety of devices.
  • Light enough to be used outdoors.
What we dislike
  • It cannot be used with large screen TVs.
Brief analysis

This projector is one of the most inexpensive options available in the current marketplace. With its unique feature, it’s definitely worth every single dollar spent on it. For instance, it has a 7000-lumen brightness which means that you can watch your favorite movie under the bright light conditions without any discomfort. It also has a small size, making it very convenient to take anywhere you want.

We include this projector in our listing because it offers the highest quality regardless of the dimensions of the display. The device features a 1000:1 contrast ratio, ensuring sharp images and a brilliant view. An integrated speaker system delivers crystal-clear sound. A variety of connectivity options includes USB, HDMI, SD memory cards, and AV inputs. The unit also has an internal battery that allows users to watch videos without worry of running out of juice. The supplied AC adapter ensures uninterrupted enjoyment.

Compared to the GROVEVIEW model above, this projector has better image quality than the former 720p projector. It can also display colors in full HD, unlike its predecessor which displays them at 720p resolution.

Some product details

  • IDEAL CHRISTMAS GIFT: The projector with 3-month return guarantee and 3 years of technical service support. Asnish multimedia projector is definitely the best choice for holiday gifts. A home theater with powerful sound and large size screen for your family in this weekend !

  • BIG SCREEN HOME THEATER:2022 technology projector features higher color contrast, full HD 1080P supported, brighter and sharper Image. Up to 200-inches projection size, equipped built-in 10 Watts audio original fidelity stereo, show you unparalleled cinematic experience. A perfect movie night!

  • UNLIMITED ENJOYMENT: Projector fully enclosed display design to eliminate dust pollution, LCD diffuse reflection technology creates a softer image which is healthier compares to traditional television. Also Bluetooth function able to wireless docking headphones, enjoy your own entertainment quietly,accompany you with anytime anywhere.

What we like
  • Brighter display.
  • High contrast ratio.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Built-in speaker system.
  • Simple user interface.
What we dislike
  • Comes with missing cables. It would be better if the manufacturer provided all the necessary parts.
Brief analysis

With its built-in screen mirroring feature, the Penmama projector lets you easily share content from your smartphone or laptop computer via HDMI cable. You don't need any additional equipment for this function.

If you're searching for a compact, versatile, and easy-to-use projector, then this one is perfect for you. With a sleek design that fits easily into any space, this unit can be moved around your home or office effortlessly. A built-in rechargeable lithium-ion power supply ensures that you get an extended runtime before needing to plug in again. Its high-resolution images provide crisp details and bright colors, so you'll enjoy watching movies and TV shows in crystal clear detail. You can connect this device to multiple devices simultaneously via HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB ports.

The PENMAMMA model also offers a similar set of specifications as the Asnishshh movie projector, except it comes with an extra feature of wireless connectivity. Apart from these two models, there are many others available in the market that offer similar performance and functionality.

Some product details

  • 【Convinet 5G WiFi & USB Connection】Equipped with the latest 5G WiFi technology, it simplifies the WiFi connection steps. You can connect your phone and projector to the same WiFi, and then connect your phone and projector together with phone screen casting, making it more user-friendly and stable. Also, you can use the USB charging cable to sync your Android and iOS smart devices in environments without WiFi without any additional HDMI adapters.

  • 【HD 1080P Home Theater Projector】HD 1080P home projector makes you enjoy home entertainment such as watch movies, TV shows and photos, slides and play video games anywhere. PENMAMA 4K projector supported highter native 1920*1080P resolution and 9500 lumens higher brightness, better than 90% mini projectors. It not only brings you a higher brightness viewing experience, but also a good choice for birthday, Christmas or holiday gifts.

  • 【Built-In Cooling System & Speaker】 PENMAMA bluetooth projector is equipped powerful cooling system, which not only greatly reduces noise, but also cools the heat of lamp efficiently, extending the lamp life to 60,000 hours (assuming 8 hours of projection per day, 20 years of operation). The built-in speaker provides excellent stereo sound and also you can hook up to external speakers for a better sound via bluetooth or 3.5mm audio output.

What we like
  • Slim design.
  • Portable.
  • High full HD definition.
  • Consistent picture quality.
  • Powerful cooling system.
  • Durable.
  • Reliable customer support.
What we dislike
  • The fan is so loud and continuous. We measured its volume at 55dB and found that the highest level was 62dB.
  • It's extremely destructive if you binge watch TV at night.
Brief analysis

Last on our list is the Native 1080 projector. You can tell that it offers a high-definition 1080 full HD resolution by its title. This device features an innovative 8-layered high refractivity lens that guarantees it maintains a constant image and picture performance. The feature ensures it keeps a steady image and picture consistency all the time.

We chose this model for its great audio features. Its dual stereo loudspeakers provide high-fidelity sounds along with clear visual images. You can connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, and gaming consoles to this device via HDMI cable. The unit also offers three HDMI inputs, one USB input, and one AV input. A single MicroSD card slot supports memory cards ranging between 32GB and 128 GB. You can watch movies, play games, listen to music, browse photos, and view videos on your big screen.

Compared to the PENTAX PENMAMA Portable projector above, this model is cheaper and offers more brightness lumens. It features a screen of up to 300" with a projection distance of up to 10 meters. All three devices support wireless screen synchronization and Bluetooth connectivity.

Some product details

  • [Native 1080P Full HD Resolution]: THZY movie projector with native 1920x1080P resolution, 9500L bright and high contrast ratio of 12000:1, combining an innovative high-refraction 8 layers coated-glass lens, provides sharp and HD images. Supports 40"-300" big screen with projection distance of 1.5-10m( Ideal viewing distance is 1.3-3.5M, it's the most cost-effective 1080P projector, provides you with a premium home cinema experience with bigger screen and clearer image. (4K Supported Partially)

  • [Wireless & Wired Sync Screen Function]: Our WIFI projector adopt the latest WIFI smartphone synchronize screen technology, which offers you easier connection, and an unprecedented visual fluent. You can mirror videos/photos/games from your smartphone or tablet to 120″ Screen (included) by WiFi wirelessly or even in a no-wifi environment, or use your own USB cable directly, no need to buy extra adapters or download apps. Ideal for home video in the backyard, hosting parties, and outdoor movie.

  • [Wide Compatibility & Application]: The home theater projector is equipped with 2*HDMI, USB, AV, VGA, SD Card port, it can connected with Laptop, PCs, TV Box, TV Stick, Roku, Chrome Book, Tablets, MICRO SD Card, USB Flash Drive, Blue-ray DVD player, Media players, Smartphones. Fit for playing videos, TV series, photos sharing, football matches, stream live event etc. (Videos like Netflix, amazon prime video and Hulu must be played by connecting with HDMI to realize it due to copyright issue)

What we like
  • It can accommodate large screens.
  • Excellent audio quality.
  • Long lamp life.
  • Supports bigger screens.
  • Wide compatibility.
What we dislike
  • If it had two USB ports instead of one, it would be even better.
  • You need one for a USB flash drive and another for connecting your phone to the HDMI port on your TV, so you won't have to keep unplugg­ing your USB stick.

Advantages of Bluetooth Projector

Wireless connection

You can pair them up using Bluetooth technology so they can watch films together no matter where you are.

Easy setup

Bluetooth projectors are relatively simple to set up. You just require a mobile phone or tablet device and an audio system with Bluetooth capability. No additional software or driver installation is needed. With the right setup, you can easily run your presentation without having to worry about downloading any extra applications.

Simple operation

These projectors are easy to set up and use. You can turn them on and off using your smartphone and adjust their brightness and color settings.

Some have an internal battery.

If you’re planning to use a projector outdoors, bring one with rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery packs. They provide longer runtime than alkaline ones.

They’re small and light

Bluetooth projector technology tends to be smaller and lighter, making them ideal for travelers and people who wish to take their entertainment with them wherever they travel.

How to choose a projector

Next time you go shopping for anything from clothes to electronics, look at these key factors before making a purchase.


Next, think about how bright your projector is. Most projectors come with a range of brightness settings. You can adjust these to suit any environment. For example, if you’re watching movies outside, you might set the projector to 2000 lumen. Indoors, you could choose 1500 lumen.


You should consider three factors when choosing a screen size for your project: firstly, the pixel density; secondly, the aspect ratio; and finally, the maximum supported resolutions.

Operating system

You should make sure that your device is compatible with the operating system you plan to use. For example, if you’re planning to use an iPad, then you’ll need to check whether the projector works with Apple’s products. On the other hand, if you plan to use a laptop, then you’ll need a device that runs Windows OS.


You should also take into account the types of speakers that come with the device. They’re important because they will help ensure that you get the best sound quality from your projection system.


When searching for a projector, think about what type of connection you need. Do you need a wired connection? A wireless connection? Both? How much power do you need? What kind of port does your computer have? Will you need an adapter? These questions should help guide you toward the right projector. We suggest checking out our top pick, the TMY Wi-FI Projector above. It comes with built-in WiFi so you can connect wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any device that has a compatible app installed.


One way to determine if a device has auto-focus is by checking whether it comes with an adjustment option for adjusting the brightness of images shown on the screen. If so, then the device has auto-focus. Otherwise, the device requires manual adjustments.


Finally, you should ensure that the size of the projection screen is suitable for your space. A small projector may be able to fit into a smaller area, while a larger model might be needed if you wish to show video in a larger space. Smaller projectors are easier to transport, while larger ones are ideal for home theaters where you could position them anywhere in the house and enjoy watching movies together.


How do you set up a Bluetooth projector?

Before mounting your projector, read its instructions thoroughly. Know the proper way to use it before using it for the first time.

Place the Bluetooth speaker on top of a stool. Then, plug it into an electrical outlet and attach it to the wall. Next, switch on the device and accept all the prompts. Once done, you’ll see the home menu where you can select what kind of media you’d like to play. You can also pair the speaker with your smartphone so that you can control the volume and playback speed.

How long can a Bluetooth projector work?

The simple answer is yes. If a battery charges your device, then it will power it until the battery runs out. To avoid such an inconvenience, you should charge your phone whenever its battery level reaches 20% or lower.

If it is powered using electricity, the projection device can be used continuously as long as there is electrical power available. Projection devices are made with cooling systems and thermal sinks to ensure they don’t get too hot during use. Make sure you keep them away from any sources of extreme temperature fluctuations, such as air conditioners and refrigerators. To protect against overheated equipment, projectors are usually placed in locations where there is free access to fresh air.

How do you connect an external speaker system with a project­or?

Connecting a projector with speakers is not a piece of the pie. The first step you should take is to determine if either supports Bluetooth. If they both do, then use your projectors to scan the available Bluetooth device near it. The odds are that they will detect your speakers, and connect them.

If neither of them has Bluetooth wireless technology, you need wires. You can connect one end to the projector’s sound system and the other to the speakers’ input using either an AUX cable or a digital stereo cable.

Useful guide Projector: Several Things You Need To Know Before Buying One

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